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Pizza Maker Resume Example (Versão Texto)

Anthony Coffman

Address: 99999, Miami Beach, United States
Nationality: American
Date of birth: 1981-10-30
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-9999


College graduate, Information Systems and Customer Service, looking for seasonal, part-time or full-time employment.

Previous history of 15 years restaurant experience: Kitchen Manager/Prep. Manager, Corporate Line Cook, Fine Dining/Bistro (Expo and Line Cook), Pizza and Sandwich/Salad, Wait Staff, Bartend, Customer Service and Retail Experience, Cashier and P.O.S systems, Assistant Manager (Convenience Store [Batch Reports and Audits, Inventory, and Ordering]. 2 years of High School Spanish.

Work experience

08/2017 - 01/2018, Prep Manager/Trainer, Newks Eatery, Greenwood, United States
  • Daily prep (Cold Salads, Sauces, Grill, Slicing, Knife Work).
  • Managing crew of 3-5 people.
  • Keep daily logs, look over inventory, maintain walk-in and freezer integrity.
  • Corporate certified trainer.
05/2013 - 01/2016, Owner, ETC Webdesign and I.T. Consulting, Greenwood, United States
  • Website development and consulting.
  • Started this business during my schooling. It hasn't taken off; however I still do work on it.
  • Website under development and working to obtain business loan for office space.
08/2010 - 01/2011, Cashier, Gas America, Greenwood, United States
  • Seasonal help.
  • Cashier and Janitorial.
  • Assistant Manager in training.
05/2006 - 08/2010, Cook 1, Cibus Catering, Indianapolis, United States
  • Catering work


05/2011 - present, Information Technology, Ivy Tech Community College, Columbus, United States
  • Associates Degree in Information Technology (Information Systems)
  • Technical Certificate in Help Desk (customer support)
  • Technical Certificate in Information Technology (Information Systems)
  • Dean's List Recipient
  • Overall 3.5 G.P.A upon Graduation


Computer Knowledge


Engaging personality
Effectively managing multiple projects
Learning Agility


Pizza making
Play Station
Visão Geral da Posição:

Pizza Maker

Pizza is for many people, their most favorite dish. Hence, when making it, one has to get it right. That may not seem like a task that is hard to fulfill. After all, the most basic form of pizza requires 3-5 ingredients. While it may be true, that the recipe on its own is simple, the making of pizza requires the Pizza Maker to have the right manual skills for making sure they get all the niches of pizza making, of which there are a lot. They should also be individuals who are resilient and do not tire. Working in a restaurant industry can be very demanding, especially with a food that is as popular as pizza. There may be hours during which you cannot stop for breaks just because many people decided to go eat out. 

Visão Geral da Empresa:
Genuine Pizza

In a booming food industry, driven by social media posts about food and people constantly reviewing, recommending, and popularizing restaurants, genuine Pizza is a good place to be at. There is both tradition and innovation in how they approach their business. To make their food – especially pizza – they use honest ingredients for as best a gastronomic experience one could get and a modern website and social media presence to promote their food and services. Experienced cooks are sure to make the most “instagramable” pizzas for any customer, young or old. Anyone with a passion for cooking would love to work here, as they get both stability and recognition.

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How to write your own Team Leader resume?

Just follow our resume guide! Other than that, this particular resume stood out for a number of different reasons. Let's take a look at what can YOU take away from this resume and use it in yours.

1. Set out your agenda and previous work in the restaurant industry

Because of the niches that pizza-making requires to make a properly good pizza, it is beneficial for any pizzeria that you’ve had experience making them in the past. Write a brief summary of what you have done in the past to show there’s no wasting time with you.

Pizza Maker Profile Section Example

  • "Previous history of 15 years of restaurant experience: Kitchen Manager/Prep. Manager, Corporate Line Cook, Fine Dining/Bistro (Expo and Line Cook), Pizza and Sandwich/Salad, Wait Staff, Bartend, Customer Service and Retail Experience, Cashier and P.O.S systems, Assistant Manager (Convenience Store [Batch Reports and Audits, Inventory, and Ordering], 2 years of High School Spanish."

2. Give people an account of what you are in a working environment

As a cook, you will be part of a team – a team that has to endure a lot of pressure sometimes, simply because more people have coincidentally thought of getting a pizza. Knowing what your strengths are can help potential employers make a judgment of whether you would fit into the team of people who are already working or who they are considering for other kitchen/restaurant positions.


  • "Punctual, Engaging personality, Adaptable, Analytical, Effectively managing multiple projects, Learning Agility, Flexible"

3. Try to introduce yourself from a more personal perspective

Being part of a team, like the one in a restaurant, requires good coordination with your co-workers. A vital way of maintaining this cohesion happens outside the workplace as it does in it. Listing anything that you do in your free time to relax or could invite your co-workers to do will only incentivize the restaurant managers to pick you.


  • "Photography, Gardening, Programming, Pizza Making, PlayStation"


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