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Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample (Textversion)

Karel Kuchta

Cerm Systems, Inc.
Prague, Czech Republic
Application for the position of Sales Manager

To whom it may concern,

I am responding to your recent job advertisement for the Sales Manager position at Cerm Systems, Inc. in Prague, Czech Republic that has been posted and advertised on After reviewing the job ad, I was very pleased to discover how well the requirements described by you align with what I offer as an industry professional.

Having worked in sales for the last 9 years, I possess the valuable experience and expertise in all aspects of the job and am, therefore, confident that I would be able to execute the role successfully. As stated in my enclosed resume, at Cisco Systems Inc., I was responsible for the management of multiple accounts and I coordinated and supervised more than 25 other employees. Not only I was able to achieve or surpass all sales goals set up by executives but I also identified and exploited 5 new business growth opportunities and conducted complex market research and analysis. Throughout my career, I have been awarded Employee of the Month four times and was even recognized as the top and best achieving manager at Lenovo Ltd.

Possessing a master's degree in International Management, I am educated and offer knowledge of other business fields, such as marketing, finance, and human resources, as well. On top of that, I am a detail-oriented and results-driven professional with well-developed strategic planning and delegation abilities, exceptional analytical skills, and determination to always perform excellent work. Finally, I am a native Czech speaker with a proficiency in English and French who excels at working in international team environments but is also able to function well independently. I am looking for a job within the company which offers flexibility and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally which I believe your firm does.

Thank you for taking your time to read my application and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind regards,

Karel Kuchta

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