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Senior Business Analyst Resume Example (Volle Textversion)

Martin Donald

Address: 99199, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date of birth: 1999-19-09
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999

Work experience

01/2017 - present, Senior Analyst, Ministry of Finance, Bratislava, Slovakia

Analyzing publicly funded projects economic efficiency with "Value for money" team

  • Evaluating public investments and projects efficiency
  • Consultant role for finding most efficient ways how to achieve chosen targets
  • Evaluating target fesasibility

Published several pulic IT investments reports, which included suggestions how to increase spending efficiency and recommendations for specific steps how to achieve them.

07/2016 - present, Senior Business Analyst,, Bratislava, Slovakia

Developing new strategies for performance struggling products or projects which are falling behind schedule.

  • Evaluating project efficiency across departments problem diagnostics
  • Developing and implementing new business processes and strategies to change vague defined strategies into actionable ones
  • Forecasting performance results
  • Telling data stories with PR Team

Member of team which developed new project organization processes and organizational structure, created new makret launch plan for struggling product or restarted data monetization project which goal is to promote data-driven decission making across company.

07/2015 - 07/2016, Business Analyst,, Bratislava, Slovakia

Gathering data, applying advanced statistical methods and presenting actionable insights to help corporate executives, managers and other end users make more informed business decisions

  • Searching for new opportunities to exploit data analyses in decission making
  • Designing data gathering processes
  • Analyzing data and finding actionable insights via R statistical language
  • Communicating insight to executives and other end users

Implemented online business intelligence tool among managers and filled it with easy to understand dashboards and forecast models.

03/2012 - 06/2015, Market analyst,, Bratislava, Slovakia

Applying advanced research and data mining techniques to evaluate market situation and consumer behavior. Communicating insights to marketing & product department to effectively adjust strategy.

  • Competition monitoring
  • Analyzing trends and reporting market development
  • Analyzing pricing and sales trends and suggesting strategy changes
  • Analyzing and forecasting sales & consumer behavior trends and suggesting marketing activities based on results
  • Cooperation with IT & product department on innovating existing and implementing new processes and products
06/2011 - 09/2011, Vending Machines Operator, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, Ohio, Sandusky

Work&Travel Program for university students


09/2010 - 06/2015, Economic Policy and Administration, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


06/2016, Search engines data as an indicator of economic output development, Masaryk University

Aim of thesis is to determine, whether it is possible to use data from search engines as an indicator of economic output development in real-time. After validating Google Trends data as appropriate for economy output forecasting, a set of models which predict GDP and index of industrial production is created. Forecasts are made both for USA, and specific states, and compared, whether their prediction ability is better compared to models, which does not contain data from Google.




07/2016, Behavioural Economics in Action, University of Toronto
08/2014, Data Analysis with R, Coursera


Accuracy - 88%
Learning new skills - 81%
Team player - 86%
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