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Discover new ways to improve your cover letter by using phrases from this Maersk Business Partner cover letter example. This cover letter helped a real job seeker land a job at Maersk_lines. That job seeker allowed us to share their cover letter with other job seekers. Download this cover letter sample free of charge or customize it inside our intuitive cover letter maker.

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Maersk Business Partner Cover Letter Example (Volle Textversion)

Jonas Hennders

My Address 99, Göteborg, Sverige, 999 99
Cover letter

Dear Maersk Group,

I am very interested in the "Care Business Partner" position you have posted on your website. After reading through the job responsibilities, I am confident in my ability to become a key member of your team. I've always had a great commitment in customer satisfaction, sales and marketing areas. Next to my existing job, I also have my own company that provides digital marketing services for start-up companies such as logos and banners.

Since I graduated High School I have always been working within sales management, marketing and customer service operations. Meeting customers and identifying clients needs is something I am ardent about. Besides my strong passion for customer satisfaction and a hunger to surpass set targets, I offer to you a dedicated young man with an ambition to develop. In addition, I am adept in identifying new business opportunities and closing deals, two qualities that have allowed me to make significant contributions to my present and past employer’s growth. As a person, I'm self-propelled but I also like to work in group and see myself as a very good team player. I'm used to working in different CRM systems, such as AWI, Siebel, Orion and Microsoft Office are featured daily.

I am currently working as a Coordinator at Bureau Veritas, a position I got headhunted for. Bureau Veritas is an international company that provides inspection, certification and testing in QHSE expertise around the world. Before that my role was as a Sales Advisor in retail at Kjell & Company, a business with a wide range of consumer electronics which focus on customer oriented-solutions. I got the Top Sales Award 3 years in a row and also got promoted to expand our business unit on a global scale in Oslo, Norway for 12 months.

Today my key job responsibilities includes:

❖ Participate in clients audits

❖ ISO (QHSE) Standards 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. My special area is MSC, sustainability, chain of custody and automotive

❖ Coordinating the involvement of personnel of other departments, including management, support, and service resources, to ensure account objectives and clients’ expectations are met efficiently and timely.

❖ Meeting assigned targets for strategic objectives and sales volume in accounts assigned to me.

❖ Maintaining high customer-satisfaction ratings that are in accordance with company standards.

❖ Understanding the requirements of clients assigned to me and developing plans for the progress of each client.

I hope that you find my application interesting and I would like to meet with you in person to discuss any available opportunities within your company. I am committed to bringing the best for Maersk Group. Thank you for your time, consideration and forthcoming response.


Jonas Hennders


With more than 70,000 employees and clients in over 130 countries, Maersk is deservedly considered one of the leaders in the logistics industry. That's why if you get hired by them and decide to become a part of the company, you can be sure to join a very diverse workplace with people from all over the globe. Besides great networking opportunities and high chances to climb the corporate ladder, you will also work for the organization with strong values and well-established brand identity. On the other side, being a part of such a big organization has its' disadvantages. For instance, it comes with lots of politics and sometimes it's difficult to innovate and make a change.

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