Linux Administrator Cover Letter Example

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Linux Administrator Cover Letter Example (Textversion)

Theodor Samuelsson

TTY Technologies, Inc.
Melbourne, Australia
Application for the position of Linux Administrator

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am responding to your recent advertisement for the Linux Administrator job within TTY Technologies, Inc. as I believe that your current needs and requirements align perfectly with what I offer as a professional. In addition, I am confident that it would be an exceptional opportunity for me to further grow my career.

Offering over two years of extensive industry experience, I am fully adept at all aspects of the role. At Mindwave Solutions, Inc., I was mainly in charge of configuring and maintaining Linux servers, managing user accounts, and providing professional technical assistance to clients and colleagues when needed. On top of that, I completed various admin duties, analyzed and resolved any network problems, and worked on the development and implementation of a new and more efficient file system. During my time there, I was recognized as an individual with exceptional critical thinking skills and the ability to solve complex problems numerous times. Moreover, I won the Employee of the Month Award once for constantly performing excellent work.

Next, I am the University of Melbourne graduate with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and the valuable Linux SysAdmin Certification from the Linux Foundation. Possessing a polite and professional manner, I am experienced with all software programs described in the posting, including MySQL Workbench, cPanel, YaST, and phpMyAdmin. Finally, I am a dedicated and passionate person with the important ability to work and perform well both independently and in a team setting. If given the opportunity, I will be coming to you with a proven track record of achievements and a strong determination to meet and exceed all assigned goals and targets. Many thanks for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you in the near future.


Theodor Samuelsson

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