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Lead Data Analyst Cover Letter Sample (Textversion)

Mayank Bhushan

Lead Data Analyst
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29th June, 2018
Product Manager - Data

My name is Mayank Bhushan and I am a data enthusiast. I graduated in Information Systems from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad in 2016. Whilst pursuing my degree and during my internships, I developed a keen interest in data analytics and chose to pursue it as a career. I have been working in this field for two years now.

I have had the experience of working for a service based analytics company (Mu Sigma Business Solutions). At Mu Sigma, I got to work for a large US based retailer on problems of merchandizing and supply chain. I worked on long term projects for the company as well as quick turn-around ad-hoc projects. This experience helped me the learn the ropes of working as a data analyst. It empowered me with the tools and languages (MS Excel, SQL, R and Python) which would help me tackle data problems.

After a year and two months at Mu Sigma, I wanted a new challenge in a fast-paced environment and hence took up a job as a Lead Data Analyst at Housing.com. I quickly got up to speed with the real estate classifieds business and set out to solve interesting problems. My role here has been to empower every team with data for them to take data-driven decisions on their own. I learnt Tableau and built company-wide dashboards for Sales, Marketing and Business Strategy which helps them keep a track of the key metrics and indicators. I have performed and automated competitive analysis for the business to understand where we lead or lag in terms of the competition. I also got to work on product and web analytics technologies like Google Analytics and BigQuery.

I am looking for a change at this point as my current company (Housing.com) is in plans to move to Gurgaon and I am not willing to relocate. I am looking for another challenge at a global company. I am interested and excited about the Product Manager - Data opening at Saavn. I am a music lover myself and I cannot imagine a day (or life?) without music. Music helps me get in touch with myself and has the power to influence my mood and lift me up every time I feel down. My favourite genres are pop, hip-hop, r&b and soul. I am excited about this role as it will blend two things I feel passionate about - Music and Data. I resonate a lot with the mission statement of Saavn and would love to have a part in fulfilling that mission.


Mayank Bhushan

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