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City Manager Resume Example (Volle Textversion)


E-mail address:
Phone: 555-555-5555

Professional Profile

Results-oriented City Manager with over 25 years of professional experience associated with fiscal analysis, public administration managing responsibilities in local, country, and state government. Has a background in community development, project management, and grant writing. Highly skilled in city planning, economic development, and personnel management as well as possess strong concepts of all State and Federal Laws and regulations. Experience with coordinating programs and interfacing with professionals of all levels. Skilled at working with international, regional, state, and local officials as well as key business decision-makers. 


  • Cost reduction and containment
  • Unsurpassed work ethic
  • Strategic and financial planning expert
  • Relationship building 
  • Grant writing
  • Community-based planning
  • Outstanding community leader


08/2000 - present, City Manager, Greyhound, Seattle, US

Main Responsibilities & Contributions:

  • Selecting, training, and mentoring all managers and supervisors. Ensuring that all personnel has been trained and retrained according to customer interaction and operation standards and state and federal regulations.
  • Planning, organizing, and evaluating the work of all City departments to ensure that operations and services comply with the policies and direction set by the City Council.
  • Ensuring and maintaining the highest level of citizens experience. Resolves escalated Citizens complaints.
  • Directing the development of the capital improvement plan budget for approval by the Council as well as monitored the implementation of adopted budgets.
  • Representing the Mayor, City Council, and the City at various meetings, functions, and events: served as a liaison to various civic or governmental organizations and committees, task forces, boards, and commissions.
  • Managing sound cash control and maintains GLI field accounting standards. 
  • Demonstrating a basic understanding of federal, state, and local labor laws.
  • Working closely with local HR to address all levels of harassment complaints and assisted in investigating thoroughly all allegations of harassment.
  • Working with staff to ensure good labor relations are maintained.
  • Actively engaging the community as the company standard-bearer.
01/1992 - 03/2000, City Manager, City of Seguin, Texas, US

Main Responsibilities & Contributions:

  • Facilitated internal and external communication throughout all levels of the organization, and conducted meetings with department heads and key management staff.
  • Successfully launched the business for the entire Seguin area.
  • Prepared and implemented budget forecasts and expenditures in order to meet or exceed annual strategic plan expectations.
  • Reported to and worked closely with the City Council, policy or advisory boards or committees appointed by the Council, the Schertz-Seguin Local Government Corporation, and the general public.
  • Interacted with other city managers, statewide organization, and associations, representatives of governmental agencies at the state and federal levels, and the news media.
  • Had occasional contact with most city employees and frequent contact with those directly supervised.


09/1996 - 06/2000, Master of Public Administration: State & Local Government Administration, University of Seattle, Seattle, United States

Certificate of Appreciation to a PostGraduate student for special contribution in IDA activities.

09/1992 - 05/1996, Bachelor of Arts: Political Science & Philosophy os, University of Seattle, Seattle, United States


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Every kind of sport
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