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Video Editor Resume Template
Position Overview:

Video Editor

Video Editors use video editing software to produce a film or video which the company may use for multiple purposes. Editing mostly entails things like making cuts between different camera shots, adding text or special effects, aligning sound inputs with the visual recordings, and much more. In the case of videos that aren’t recorded live but might use tools like animations, editors likely also have their hand in creating and then perfecting those as well. 

Company Overview:

Education is probably the field in which constant innovation is more and more important. Many experts project that access to high-quality education from an early age is already crucial due to previously unforeseen challenges, which have the potential to completely transform the global labor market. Many developed countries are seeking to diversify their economies by shifting from industrial production to the services sector. This is the case for Jordan, where eLearment is based. The company is a leading eLearning Development firm, which utilizes modern technologies to create courses and supplementary materials necessary for educating people who are in schools or already working. Finding new methods for how one may stay engaged with study materials or just learn things in general requires much creative process and constant observation of people’s studying habits. Therefore, working for eLearment is bound to be an exciting endeavor which may even teach you something about yourself.

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How to write your own Video Editor resume?

1. Showcase what you worked on

Being in a creative industry, it is vital that you can provide recruiters with an expectation of what your creative skills are and what you can do with them. Therefore, including any references or links to where they can find and review any projects that you completed in the past is a great first step in building your resume. It will also make clear whether your “style” matches the vision for projects which your potential employer may be wanting to produce.

2. Point out any relevant experience

The difference between an average Video Editor and a great one is that the great one is able to prove they are more than just an expert at using editing software. The edits one makes to any audio-visual project have to make sense and they have to fulfill a purpose. With educational videos, that purpose is usually to keep viewers engaged. Hence, any previous experience which may have required you to take into account writing, storytelling, or any other creative input into your editing is pretty much a certain must.

Video Editor Work Experience Example

Recorder and Video Editor / eLearment, Amman, Jordan (06/2017 – present)

  • "Work with a team (Presenter and VoiceOver) in the studio"

  • "Record the lessons in the form of a conversation between teacher and student"

Content Developer / eLearment, Amman, Jordan (01/2017 – 06/2017)

  • "Worked at storyline department to develop the Government Book Lessons"

3. Demonstrate superb skill

The advantage of working in this industry is that there are many opportunities for people such as yourself to enter events which reward you for any outstanding work. Awards and certificates can add more value to your previously completed projects and work experience. It can even help recruiters grade your skills, as these people can many times not have an idea of what “very good quality production” means within the context of the industry.

Video Editor Certifications Example

Academic Accelerator program / Microsoft Innovation Center

  • "Worked with a team including a Designer and a Product Manager, our project was about children animation stories for ages between 9-11"

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest / Princess Sumaya University and the University of Applied Sciences

  • "Participated in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest-Arab Collegiate"

  • "Programming Contes held in Jordan-Amman-(Princess Sumaya University and the University of Applied Sciences): teams of 3 programmers competed in writing codes 9th-12th Dec 2012"

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