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Your cover letter is a one-page document that you attach to your resume as part of your job application. It can take many forms: the text inside the body of your job application email, a filled out website form, or a standalone PDF document.

What is the purpose of the cover letter today? The somewhat disheartening truth is that recruiters will not read always your cover letter. At the same time, it’s still considered a courtesy to include one, in particular at smaller companies who are more likely to manually review each application. In the end, a well-written cover letter is an opportunity to distinguish yourself.

If you’re looking for a general outline for your cover letter, you can divide most cover letters into five parts (excluding your and company’s contact information):

  1. Salutation/greeting;
  2. An attention grabbing introduction;
  3. Reasons why you’re prefect for the company;
  4. Reasons why the company’s perfect for you;
  5. A strong finish;
  6. Yours sincerely, / Yours faithfully, and your name;
  7. A postscript if necessary

Of course, this is just a simple outline and it doesn’t have to apply to every possible situation or position. On the other hand, it can serve you quite well if you don’t know where to begin.

Always start your cover letter in a way that grabs a recruiter’s attention. Of course, there’s no single correct way to do it, as it depends on a specific job opening. Still, here are some tips that can help you get going:

  1. Bring up a mutual connection. If you know anyone at the company you want to work for, mention it right from the get-go. If nothing else, it will make recruiters pay attention to the rest of your cover letter.
  2. Open with a relevant accomplishment. If you’ve accomplished something noteworthy while with your previous employer, there’s a good chance you can bring the same value to your next job too.
  3. Tell a story. This one can be a bit risky but there’s nothing a like a good story to get anyone’s attention.
  4. Show that your personal values align with their company culture. Something along the lines of “I believe...”. Stay positive and avoid controversial statements.

Anywhere between 250 and 400 words. Recruiters are busy people who don’t have much time for reading novels (especially not during work hours).

Do you know the name of the person responsible for hiring? If not, address your cover letter to the entire team (e.g. “Dear Kickresume Team”). If you do know their name, use a regular formal greeting (e.g. “Dear Jane Doe”). Try to avoid using “To Whom it May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam”. This form of address, while correct, has become overused and may induce yawning.

Don’t simply repeat everything you’ve written in your resume. Your cover letter should expand on your resume. It’s a great opportunity to express your motivations and personal reasons for working at a given company. Tell your story in a way that makes you look special while making the employer feel special, too.

With Kickresume, there’s nothing easier. Simply log in to your account, click “Create Cover Letter” and fill in your content.

You can pick from a large number cover letter templates that match your resume design and customize your new cover letter in every possible way.

Pick a cover letter template and Kickresume will take care of most formatting decisions for you. But even then, there are several ways in which you can further improve the formatting of your cover letter.

Divide your cover letter into several paragraphs. Don’t forget to give each paragraph a clearly defined meaning. In other words, give each point you make in your cover letter a separate paragraph.

Also, don’t be afraid to use bullet points to highlight your strongest selling points. Alternatively, you can use italics or bold text to do the very same thing. Just remember not to overdo it. The more things you highlight in this way, the less attention they will be able to pay to each.

Anywhere between 250 and 400 words. Recruiters are busy people who don’t have much time for reading novellas (especially not during work hours). There is a good chance they won’t get to read your cover letter at all. But if they do, a short cover letter can (somewhat paradoxically) communicate more things about you than a long one.

The best way to close your cover letter is with a call to action!

A call to action can take many forms but they all have one thing in common: they should implant one final thought into a recruiter’s mind, which is to write you back.

You can close your cover letter by thanking the hiring manager for their time and consideration. Alternatively, you can reiterate what makes you a great candidate for the role. Or you can finish by asking a set of compelling questions. After all, a good question calls for a good answer and...oh wait, did they just write you back?

Finally, finish with a formal sign-off like Sincerely or Best regards.

Begin your cover letter in a way that grabs a recruiter’s attention right from the get go.

First, highlight a mutual connection. Most companies prefer hiring through employee referral programs, as it increases the chances of making a successful hire. There’s nothing like a mutual contact to establish a link of trust.

If you don’t have a mutual connection, open with an impressive (relevant) accomplishment or something newsworthy. Try to make the hiring manager care enough to read the rest of your cover letter.

Do you have a way with words? You can also try to begin your cover letter with a creative story. Don’t just say that you’ve accomplished something noteworthy. Walk the reader through it, as if it was an exciting adventure (which it was).

Or if everything else fails, open with a belief statement. It shouldn’t be anything controversial, just interesting enough for the hiring manager to wonder why do you believe something like that. Then you can explain.

In the end, writing is always a bit of alchemy and writing a cover letter is no different. It takes a bit of practice but your third draft will probably be good enough already.

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