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Preview of a creative resume template made by Kickresume resume builder
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Creative and elegant, the “Doodle” resume template will help you get noticed thanks to its striking line-art illustration. This unique CV template is perfect for anyone who is applying for a creative job.

Preview of a professional resume template with two columns
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The “Blurred” CV template provides an elegant solution for anyone looking to easily navigate through resume sections. This captivating template is guaranteed to make your resume stand out.

Preview of an attractive resume template you can use to build your resume in minutes
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Our “Rhubarb” resume template uses contrasting colors to boldly highlight your skills and experience. Leave your mark with this modern CV template and impress any hiring manager.

Preview of a beautiful customizable resume template for all levels of experience
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This creative resume template leverages a combination of a customizable dominant color and elegant geometric elements to give your professional profile the spotlight it deserves. This CV template is especially well-suited for creative and technical occupations.

Preview of a downloadable resume template to use with the best CV creator Kickresume
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The “Sunny” resume template is perfect for any self-confident job applicant. It will help you strike the right balance in a way your CV sections are distributed, and make your resume look professional and neat.

Preview of a functional resume template for students, interns, and job seekers with no experience
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This elegant resume template is able transform any resume into a well-structured document that will impress any employer. The way in which this resume template employs white space grants your resume breathing room, making it easy to navigate.

Preview of a cool resume template for college students, high school students, and entry level job seekers
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The “iMessage” resume template is a perfect choice for any job applicant seeking to leverage familiar visuals to make their resume that much more memorable. Think: “Oh, I remember, she had that iMessage resume!”.

Preview of a creative resume template that comes free for all students thanks to the best CV maker Kickresume
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If you are interested in making your resume visually stand out, the “Bubbles” template is the best fit for you. Add a splash of personality to your CV and highlight your strengths in a captivating way.

Preview of an attractive resume template you can download in minutes from Kickresume CV creator
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Our “Dotts” resume template seeks to convey simplicity and elegance. This two-column template puts your dominant resume sections in the spotlight while moving the less important bits out of the way.

Preview of an attractive resume template with clean formatting and distinctively professional feel
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Perfectly suited for creative occupations, the “Ladder” resume template’s design will certainly attract a recruiter’s attention for all the right reasons. Make your CV sections stand out with this visually appealing template.

Preview of a functional resume template best suited to professionals in finance and banking
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Aesthetically appealing and professional, the “Ios” resume template provides a clear division between individual resume sections. Make your CV easy to read and easy to navigate.

Preview of an attractive resume template that you can use to create your own CV in minutes
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This modern resume template makes a great use of professional typography to push your work experience and skills to the foreground. An excellent choice for any job applicant looking to highlight their skills above all else.

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Your frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find answers to your questions here, don’t hesitate to ask. Kick’s customer service team is always ready to help.

At Kickresume we offer free resume templates which you can customize according to your needs, provided that you stick to the free customization options.

To access free resume templates, create a free account with Kickresume and select a template you want to customize. You can then fill in your information and download your resume an unlimited number of times, still for free. Unless you want to use a premium feature, you won't have to pay at all.

Our templates are designed by expert typographers to ensure optimal readability, are visually appealing, and ATS-friendly.

The best resume template is one that ensures a resume is easily scannable, has clearly labeled sections, and a fitting structure. All that while being visually appealing.

Nevertheless, there's no one-size-fits-all template. While people in a creative industry (eg. fashion, social media) should aim for a resume that catches the eye, other industries (eg. finance, law) may prefer a more conservative design.

That's why the templates we offer at Kickresume are all designed by expert typographers to ensure optimal readability, a visually-appealing design, and an optimization for ATS software. No matter which template you pick.

Yes! All of our resume templates are optimized for ATS softwares and designed by expert typographers. The resume templates have clearly labeled sections, use ATS-friendly fonts, and have an option for you to add phrases tailored for the job description and to add key skills. You don't need to worry about your resume getting lost and never getting to a human recruiter.

An Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a computer software that is used by companies during the hiring process. It collects resumes from candidates, scans them for attributes, and filters out the ones that don’t match them. However, with Kickresume's resume templates this won't happen.

It's very simple: First, you sign up or log in to your account. When logged in, on the dashboard scroll down to Your Documents and click on Create New.

Next, you can choose among:

  • creating a brand new resume using the template and customization options of your choice
  • importing your existing data from LinkedIn and choosing your preferred design
  • using one of our existing resume samples and tweaking the details to match yours

Finally, you add resume sections and populate each one with relevant content. If you're not sure about how to write the individual sections of your resume, you can visit our Help Center or read the ultimate resume guide.

The majority of our templates are quite universal and you can't go wrong with any of them. They come in a wide range of different design styles, ranging from creative and unique to simple and conservative. And anything in between.

There's no one-size-fits-all ultimate resume template. Choosing the best template for you depends on the kind of industry you work in. While in creative industries (eg. fashion, social media) candidates should aim for a resume that catches the eye, more traditional industries (eg. finance, law) may prefer a more conservative template.

Here are examples of resume templates for any occasion:

  • Creative: Pipeline, Bubbles, Hoth
  • Regular: White, Minimalistic, Europe
  • Conservative: Ios, Black, Reed

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