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Video Production Assistant Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Video Production Assistant

First thing’s first, production assistants (PAs) do not require formal education. They work on a movie or video set in a support role, providing forms of assistance to crews and various production departments. Tasks may include helping with set construction, keeping objects and wardrobes in order, and generally performing office duties. They can also be set to specifically help out an actor – bringing them to set, collecting or shipping packages for them, or handing out scripts. Some PAs can even specialize in certain areas of the production like costume design, arts. They should be ready to work irregular hours, especially early mornings, late evenings, and weekends.

Company Overview:

We believe that this company does not really need an introduction. Put in business terms, the Wat Disney Company is the world’s largest media conglomerate who brought you some of your favorite films and later TV shows through Disney Channel and acquiring the ABC television network. They just launched their own streaming service, Disney+, which already hosts a critically acclaimed series. The company is praised for a great workplace campus and benefits like free visits to its amusement parks. The history of the company along with its creative environment and childish nostalgia just happens to bring out smiles in everyone working there.

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How to write your own Video Production Assistant resume?

1. Mention relevant work experience

The person who is in charge of hiring PAs has to make sure that the people they consider for a position can ensure smooth running of the movie/video set. The production process can take up a lot of time, so it is in everyone’s interest to avoid situations in which time is lost – the usual hiccups when people do not fully know what they are doing.

A good way to ensure a set runs well is hiring people with whom the possibility of not knowing what they are to do, is minimal. To be categorized among those people, you have to include mentions of previous work experience that shows you know your way around a set.

Video Production Assistant Work Experience Example

Live Highlights Publisher, Production Assistant (Seasonal) / Disney Streaming Services, Secaucus (11/2018 – 04/2019)

  • "Manage live content for publication on web and social platforms."

  • "Navigate multiple in-house systems to retrieve and distribute live video content."

  • "Fill social media content requests. Provide support to Content Assistant."

2. Point out potentially useful skills

The core emphasis of this resume really is proving that you can make things work in an incredibly busy, sometimes tense work environment. 

If that is not fully clear from your previous work experience or have something to add to what you already wrote down, really point the reader to the thing you think can make you seem more viable. Just a list of skills that you deem can be used at any point in the production process can signal the reader that you do actually think of unprecedented situations happening.

Video Production Assistant Skills Example

  • "Sketch Comedy Writing"

  • "Digital Video & Film Production"

  • "Promo & Trailer Production, Talent Directing"

  • "Scriptwriting, AVID Media Composer"

  • "Improv Experience, SnapStream"

3. Keep even the details that may seem benign

With a PA resume, a usually well-repeated tip of “keeping things brief and relevant” does not fully apply. You may have noticed that from the previous pieces of advice we have for you. 

PAs can really be tasked with anything at any point in the production. This may include tasks most individuals who want to become a PA do not account for. So, really mentioning anything, including personal traits like patience and willingness, can help in making the right impression on the person hiring. Even in your work experience descriptions include the responsibilities that you may at first think are irrelevant to the position of PA. You never know what producers may use you for. They likely also don’t!

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