Junior Creative in Advertisement CV Sample

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Junior Creative in Advertisement CV Sample
Position Overview:

Junior Creative

Junior Creatives really are an important part of any business that is trying to catch the customer’s eye. The main duty of a Creative employee is stunning clients by creating commercially effective and creatively brilliant advertising solutions. Carrying out this kind of work definitely requires creative skills like knowing how to work with visuals or being able to brainstorm and fully imagine finished projects. This post also requires patience and perseverance though. Remember, this is a Junior position, so it is largely up to you to actually make yourself and your ideas be heard. If you nail that and help in producing successful advertising campaigns, the position of Senior Creative is not far from your reach.

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How to write your own Junior Creative resume?

1. Outline the extent of your expertise

Despite applying for a Junior position, you should show that you are qualified enough and actually ready to start really working. Sure, the expectations for you may not be as high as for someone who is in the industry for a long time but adding anything that supersedes this expectation is a plus to you precisely because of that.

If you have work experience, projects that you participated in, or even a list of the skills you possess that you would know to use in a proper job, add that to your resume! The more of these kinds of things you have, the more a recruiter will be convinced that you are already up to the task and may have something to show for in the future.

Junior Creative Work Experience Example

Product Development and Innovation

  • "Developed a Product with Team, which addresses the needs and meets customer requirements."

Product Archaeology

  • "Done with Product development analysis on IS2062 with a team in order to restructure its life cycle."

2. Show off a little more

Once again, there probably are not many “office skills” you have at the time of applying for this position, but this is all the more reason to show off any of these skills which you actually do possess. 

If you worked with office software, visual editing tools, and other tools during any of your time in school or in a volunteering/internship job, definitely make sure you make that an addition to the resume. More so, if you achieved success by being this ‘ahead’ of the crowd. This can be done by simply creating a list, or even making some visual aids to quantify the extent to which you are able to use your toolkit like graphs.

Junior Creative Awards Example

  • "Best Presentation Award / Department of Mechanical Engineering (07/2017)"

  • "Best Creative Mind Award / Department of English (05/2016)"

3. Try to sound professional

As you may have noticed, creating this resume is about breaking perceptions and biases employers may have about young creative professionals. That is only emphasized in this last piece of advice – use appropriate language and grammar!

Having the skills of a professional is one thing, sounding like one is another. Conveying both of them on your resume is bound to take you a long way. 

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