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Producer & Presenter Resume Example (Text version)

Henry Loudmaner

Address: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nationality: Irish
Date of birth: 1982-04-02
Email address:
Phone number: 999 999 99 99


As an experienced writer within the LGBTQ community and a passionate social media user I am very excited about the role of Social Media Officer. Social media is established as an essential part of the gay community and I am highly skilled at using it to enhance my personal life and my professional one too.


Computer Skills
MS Office
English Teaching
Drama Teaching
Drama as Therapy

Work experience

04/2006 - 04/2011, Producer and Presenter, City Channel, Dublin, Ireland

Local television broadcaster in Ireland.

Viewership 1 million.

Responsibilities included:

  • managing a televion programme from A to Z
  • curating online content for upload to our youtube and Facebook channels
  • engaging with the LGBTQ audience and remaining true to their needs
  • finding creative solutions to work within tight budgets and meet deadlines
  • forming connections digitally to enhance relationships professionally
07/2010 - 09/2011, Event Manager, Panti Bar, Dublin, Ireland
The Panti Bar website is an essential tool in raising awareness of the events at the venue and promoting their message of inclusion and tolerance. Their highly popular blog combined with beautiful graphics and a consistent design brief has created a highly successful business. For over a year I ran and promoted a regular Monday night comedy event at Panti Bar. This developed my skills in;
  • Digital Marketing
  • highly disciplined scheduling
  • content management
  • Programming events a month in advance
  • working on a weekly show 4 weeks ahead
01/2012 - 05/2014, Contributer, Le Cool, Dublin, Ireland

An online events guide with liberal leanings towards quirky events and hipster pursuits, during my time at Le Cool I honed my skills in brevity. The magazine requires all reviews to be 560 chracters or less much like Twitters 140 character limit. Skills;

  • concise writing
  • developing a nose for a particular audience
  • self curating of content
  • team work on a 100% digital media platform
  • a greater appreciation for the power of graphic design to inform
07/2011 - 05/2014, Columnist, Totally Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Totally Dublin is an online fashion and culture magazine. The target readership is split across a young Dubliners demographic and tourists visiting Dublin. Readership of over 100,000.

My responsibilities included:

  • Personal Column
  • Periodic submissions of articles, 1 personal column and 2\3 features
  • Sourcing copyright appropriate images to support text


09/2008 - 09/2009, Journalism, Independent Colleges, Dublin, Ireland

Course content included;

  • Web Design (Dream Weaver and InDesign)
  • Film Editiing with Final Cut Pro
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Copyright law


01/2011 - 12/2011, Fundraiser, Chernobyl Children International, Dublin, Ireland

I raised over €4,000 for Chernobyl Children International.

  • targeting audience online
  • power behind a brand
  • the necessity to constantly reinvent
  • how to market and promote a charity digitally
Position Overview:

Producer and Presenter

A broadcasting producer and presenter prepare and express the form of a range of shows on TV, radio, and now even the internet. The most routine responsibilities of these professionals include writing and rehearsing scripts, meeting with directors and other producers to discuss the show plan. They also organize things like meetings or interviews and the guest appearances for those segments of the broadcast. Being in the public spotlight so often requires one to be confident and calm in the face of possible pressure. Creativity is another important asset, especially for the production process. One has to find new ways to keep viewers invested and make them tune in. Organization, communication, team-work, and problem-solving skills should also be a given.

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How to write your own Producer & Presenter resume?

1. Point out the skills necessary to perform the job

Formal qualifications do not matter too much if you want to become a broadcast presenter. Yes, they can be a benefit, especially if the scope of your programs is focused deeply on one area, but what still matters most are the soft skills that you possess. These are your primary tool on the job.

Hence, make sure that readers know what those soft skills are so that they may look for them in the rest of your resume. Include things that may not be necessary for “on-screen” duties but also other abilities, like language proficiencies, which can be useful for arranging interviews with foreign guests. This shows the real value of having you in the company.

Producer and Presenter Skills Example


  • "English - Native"

  • "Nederlands - Limited"

  • "German - Limited"

2. Outline relevant work experience to boost credibility

In the entertainment/news business, experience does pay off. It may not seem like it, but there are things that experienced broadcast professionals learn which cannot be learned without years of practice and exposure. 

Therefore, try to draw on your previous relevant experience to show recruiters that you did come across situations where you learned something. This will show that you already know some of the niches of this profession and can be expected to deal with problems on your own. Additionally, this is a place where you can really stress your problem-solving and creative skillset. Only with those can one face unexpected challenges with ease.

Producer and Presenter Work Experience Example

Producer and Presenter / City Channel Dublin, Ireland (04/2006 – 04/2011)

  • "Managed a television program from A to Z."

  • Curated online content for upload to our youtube and Facebook channels."

  • Engaged with the LGBTQ audience and remaining true to their needs."

  • "Found creative solutions to work within tight budgets and meet deadlines."

  • "Formed connections digitally to enhance relationships professionally."

3. Project relevant personal characteristics throughout the resume

This resume is essentially about a general theme of painting a picture of yourself in the mind of the reader. You want to paint a picture of a worker who takes the pressure, fixes problems, is professional but is human too, especially when the camera is rolling. You can try to do this by using anything from a special/creative visual of your resume to using the correct vocabulary. Both slang and professional terms. Be sure to have your resume proof-read or looked over before sending it to the company you are applying to. Ideally, have it done by someone who knows you That way, they can tell you whether the picture is actually being painted and whether you are really true to yourself.

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