Nike Global Analytics Manager Resume Sample

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Nike Global Analytics Manager Resume Sample
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Nike Global Analytics Manager Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Paul Zwicker

Address: Street Number, Austin, TX, United States
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999

Work experience

04/2017 - present, Digital Analytics Manager, YETI Coolers, Austin, Texas
  • Lead team of highly-coordinated, skilled, and efficient analysts in uncovering actionable business, marketing, website, and consumer insights with goals to drive DTC top-line sales, marketing success, and consumer acquisition and retention.
  • Create YETI Digital reporting and analytics best practices to empower business owners with validated, self-serve analytics, and process for requesting and receiving reports.
  • Determine measurement strategy and define KPIs for digital teams including advertising, operations, consumer lifecycle, and site experience.
  • Develop high-impact, interactive, automated, executive- and individual-contributor-level reporting through Tableau covering YETI functional areas inside and outside of Digital.
  • Forecast eCom performance across multiple sites and marketplaces ($200M+). Trending at accuracy within 2%.
  • Manage workload of analyst team through increasingly-agile development cycles, with focus on stakeholder transparency and ruthless prioritization.
  • Acquire website data into Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager for website replatforms and redesigns (2 so far), regular feature and design enhancements, and ongoing analysis and reporting.
  • Identified by YETI as a high-performing and high-potential contributor. Working with executive coach for my own development as well as development strategies for my team.
08/2015 - 04/2017, Digital Analyst, YETI Coolers, Austin, Texas
  • Create in-depth analyses and reports in Tableau to provide insights for SEO, paid search, email, social, site merchandising, UX, and conversion optimization.
  • Forecast sales, site traffic, conversion rate, AOV, etc to inform goal setting and external reporting.
  • Fully own large scale projects such as site tagging planning and implementation using Google Tag Manager, implementing Google Analytics 360, rolling out Tableau, and more.
  • Create financial reporting for executives and investors for the eCommerce channel from scratch leveraging YETI's data warehouse, Tableau, and Excel.
  • Iterate site tagging, keeping with development cycles and KPIs, while working with external vendors and internal dev leads.
  • Nerd out on SQL, Tableau, BigQuery, and any other tool that makes working with massive datasets easy, repeatable, and accurate.
  • Leverage leading-edge demand signals from eCommerce business to inform rest of business. Subject matter expert in Tableau, systems, data management, Google Analytics.
01/2015 - 08/2015, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst - YBN, Yodle, Austin, Texas
  • Own PPC and SEO performance for 11 of YBN’s highest-revenue and most strategic accounts, together worth more than $20 million annually.
  • Subject matter expert on both PPC and SEO. Go-to resource during departmental transition to digital marketing (PPC and SEO) analyst teams.
  • Define and teach PPC, SEO, and data gathering processes, audits, management, and best practices to YBN (150+ employees) and smaller teams in formal training sessions both in person and over the phone.
  • Strategize and push major projects from beginning to end, both at the account and overarching business level.
  • Relay performance metrics, strategic recommendations, and project status to clients and internal stakeholders.
  • Streamline processes by writing macros, scripts, data pulls, and all-in-one tools using SQL, VBA, and iMacros.
  • Lead day-to-day workflows, projects, and serve as mentor to a junior analyst.
12/2013 - 12/2014, SEO Operations Analyst - YBN, Yodle
  • Managed SEO operations for all of Yodle’s 5,000+ brand network clients on a team with one other analyst.
  • Analyzed and reported on key metrics, e.g. site rankings, data accuracy, and best practice compliance.
  • Automated everyday tasks through macros and automated data pulls using SQL. Coordinated with external vendors for product issues and process fulfillment.
  • Provided actionable optimization steps based on clear data analysis, spaced out over a relationship’s lifecycle.
  • Communicated with executives, directors, and account directors about relationship performance and strategy.
  • Screened and interviewed candidates for new roles in YBN.
04/2013 - 12/2013, Associate Account SEO Analyst, Yodle, Austin, TX
  • Optimized individual SEO accounts keeping with industry and Yodle best practices.
  • Identified process or product issues and created projects designed to fix these concerns.
  • Managed team dynamics by creating tools for effective time and process management.
  • Questioned established processes, creating new and more-effective flows.
  • Voice ideas to leadership to encourage increased productivity and communication between team members.
  • Conduct meetings with managers and team leads efficiently and confidently.
06/2012 - 04/2013, Marketing Associate, Yodle
  • Facilitate workflow by distributing casework throughout the day to 20+ MAs in Austin and Scottsdale.
  • Identify process areas that need improvement, take action, and train others on the resulting changes.
  • Create Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce reports to ensure operations run smoothly.
  • Lead team interactions regularly and with aplomb while maintaining strong team cohesiveness.


2008 - 2012, BA, Business, Southwestern University, Austin, TX


Website Analytics
Business Analytics
Consumer Analytics
Financial Reporting
Digital Marketing
Database Querying (SQL)
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager


High-Level Communication
Critical Thinking
Data-Driven Insight
Building Trust
Technical Ability


01/2017, Battlefield Award, YETI

Awarded to top employee in the company (as measured by overall impact) per quarter by peers and vetted by senior leadership.

01/2015, Yodle Star, Yodle

1 of 8 top Yodle performers (out of 1200+ employees) in Q3/4 2014. Featured on Yodle's careers blog (URL no longer exists after's acquisition of Yodle) as an outstanding contributor.

01/2015, YBN All Star, Yodle

Top performer for 2014 in Product Performance department for Yodle for Brand Networks. Yearly award for top contributor from each department.

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