How to write an excellent teacher cover letter in 5 easy steps

A great teacher can leave a lasting impact on their students for years to come, helping them to achieve an excellent education and learn skills that will support them throughout their lives. To become a teacher, you need a cover letter that showcases your compassion and commitment to your students.

In this guide, we will teach you 5 key steps for writing a cover letter as a teacher. Keep reading to learn how to:

  • Properly format your teacher cover letter header & headline
  • Personalize the greeting & content on teacher your cover letter
  • Write an attention-grabbing teacher cover letter introduction
  • Showcase your skills, accomplishments, & qualifications as a teacher
  • End your teacher cover letter with a strong closing statement

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1. Format your teacher cover letter header & headline correctly

To begin your teacher cover letter, the first essential step is to create a well-formatted header and a compelling headline.

A cover letter header contains key information about the applicant and employer, while a cover letter headline is an optional – yet highly useful – title that introduces the main point of the letter and helps to grab the employer’s attention.

Below are in-depth explanations and examples of each of these key elements:

Formatting the header

The header of your teacher cover letter should contain all the necessary information about yourself and the school you are applying to, including:

  • Your name and professional title
  • Your professional contact information
  • The name of the school & department you are applying to
  • The address of the school

Here is an example of a well-formatted header on a teacher cover letter

Joe King, Mathematics Teacher
(123) 456-7890 | |

To: Buncombe County Middle School, Mathematics Department
1234 Street Address
Asheville, NC 28801

Writing the headline

While you do not have to include a headline on your cover letter, a well-written headline can go a long way in initially grabbing the employer’s attention and compelling them to read further.

A strong cover letter headline will include a keyword related to the position, an eye-catching number or trigger word, a powerful adjective or verb, and a promise.

Here is an example of a well-written teacher headline, followed by a brief breakdown of its core components

My Proven Track Record of Improving Student Test Scores & How I Will Teach Your Students to Succeed

Trigger Word/Number: Proven Track Record
Keyword: Student Test Scores, Teach
Adjective/Verb: Proven, Teach, Succeed
Promise: Your Students – the addition of this detail shows the employer that your cover letter is tailored to address the specific needs of their students.

2. Personalize the greeting & content on teacher your cover letter

Anytime you write a cover letter as a teacher, it is important to personalize both the greeting and content found in the document.

A personalized greeting will address a specific person within the school by name – ideally, either the school principal or the head of the department you are applying to. This shows that you have excellent attention to detail and have taken the time to research the school beforehand.

Examples of personalized greetings on a teacher cover letter include

  • Dear Principal John Higgins,
  • To Principal Higgins & the Mathematics Department,
  • To Mrs. Jane Doe, Mathematics Department Head,

To personalize the rest of the content within your cover letter, you will need to complete further research into the school district, its demographics, and its core values. When writing your introduction and body paragraphs, use this information to explain how your skills and qualifications can meet the specific needs of the school’s students and faculty.

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3. Write an attention-grabbing teacher cover letter introduction

Following the greeting of your teacher cover letter is the introductory paragraph. This introduction should be concise – between one to three sentences – and include:

  • A brief overview of your professional history and goals
  • A statement on why you are enthusiastic about applying to this school
  • A mutual acquaintance (when possible) – naming a mutual acquaintance, such as a distinguished university professor or mentor, helps to establish an immediate professional reference and build your own professional credibility.

Here is an example of an effective introduction on a teacher’s cover letter

Dear Principal John Higgins,

I am a Mathematics Teacher with 6 years of experience teaching basic and advanced math skills to middle and high school students. I am beyond impressed by your school’s dedication to student success and would love the opportunity to contribute my skills towards this goal. My mentor, Ms. Mary Smith, is a tenured teacher at your school and recommended I apply for this position.

4. Showcase your skills, accomplishments, & qualifications as a teacher

You should always establish what subjects (Mathematics, English, etc.) you are experienced in teaching in the header and introduction of your cover letter. In the body paragraphs of your cover letter is where you will provide a more in-depth look into your skills, accomplishments, and qualifications.

An effective teacher cover letter will contain between 2 to 4 body paragraphs, using concise sentences and bullet points to help organize the information.

Key skills to describe within these body paragraphs include

  • Classroom adaptability
  • Lesson planning & curriculum development
  • Empathy & patience
  • Active listening
  • Student performance assessments
  • Classroom & conflict management

Here is an example of how to describe an accomplishment & qualification in a teacher cover letter

As a Mathematics Teacher with a Master’s in Math Education, I have a proven track record of raising student scores on general and end-of-year exams. At my previous position, I developed a flexible curriculum designed to meet individual student needs, resulting in a 45% increase in average exam scores.

5. End your teacher cover letter with a strong closing statement

It is crucial to finish off your teacher's cover letter strong with a thoughtful closing statement. This closing statement should include:

  • An enthusiastic sentence saying you are looking forward to hearing from them
  • An additional sentence stating you will follow up, including how you will contact them or how they can contact you
  • A formal sign-off

Here is an example of a strong closing statement from a teacher’s cover letter

I am eager to get to know your students and how they learn best. With my years of experience and compassionate approach, I am certain I can help your students to reach their full potential. I am available to interview any weekday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and will reach back out in one week if I have not heard back. The best way to reach me is at (123) 456-7890.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity with your further.


[Applicant Name]

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Published on April 12, 2022

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