Sheraton Hotel Marketing Manager Resume Sample

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Sheraton Hotel Marketing Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Marketing Manager

These professionals are tasked with directing the process of creating and executing marketing strategies for their company. Being Managers, they usually command a group of people working on a number of different tasks. They oversee administrative costs, visuals, pretty much the entire creative process, and inform executives about progress and results. Additionally, they communicate any desired changes or orders of the executives to the people in their teams.

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How to write your own Marketing Manager resume?

Just follow our resume guide! Other than that, this particular resume stood out for a number of different reasons. No wonder it succeeded at Sheraton.

Let's take a look at what can YOU take away from this resume and use it in yours.

1. Specifically describe what you did in previous work

Because Marketing Managers can be tasked with doing a host of different things, it is important that you demonstrate a wide-range experience form completing a large number of assignments. This will show a recruiter that no matter what a request from the executive may look like, you will be able to take hold of the project.

Marketing Manager Experience Example

  • "Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the hotel’s marketing communications strategy for advertisement, promotions, public relations, graphics, and collateral to support the marketing objectives targeting maximization of the hotel’s positive exposure in local, national and international markets."

  • "Manage and implement tactical promotions and offers to drive incremental revenue. Handle hotel website and social media channels."

2. Set yourself apart by showcasing your potential

To give your resume some extra depth and eye-catching abilities, add something that sets you apart from the average candidate. You want to present yourself as being the best choice for the firm, so any awards or certificates that can nudge recruiters to think just that is a must on your resume.

  • "Regional Award / Best Tactical Marketing Campaign / Hilton Hotels & Resorts MEA (03/2016)"                

  • "Hotel Award / Best Hotel Support / Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza (01/2014)"                     

  • "Regional Award / Best Social Media Engagement / Hilton Hotels & Resorts MEA (03/2013)"

3. Point out any additional relevant skills

Any managerial positions require soft skills, so it would be beneficial for you to provide some assessment of which you have a good track record of utilizing. It may also give the company that you are applying to an idea of what kind of person you are. Whether you would fit into the environment and among your potential co-workers. Other than that, if you possess any other abilities that could be useful in the hotel world, like speaking multiple languages, do not hesitate to add that as well.


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