Marketing and Brand Manager Resume Example

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Marketing and Brand Manager Resume Example
Position Overview:

Marketing and Brand Manager

On top of regular activities, such as developing and implementing marketing strategies and plans, setting the brand vision and guidelines, and managing the advertising budgets, these professionals are also responsible for various other duties and operations which need to be coordinated. For instance, they often participate in the development and pricing process of new products, supervise the customer and competitor insight analysis, and identify and evaluate potential business growth opportunities. Therefore, Marketing and Brand Managers have to be skilled and experienced in various areas, including leadership, communication, delegation, and negotiation. What is more, they should also be highly analytical with a performance-driven approach and a university degree in a related field. The average salary of a Marketing and Brand Manager in the United States is $114,565 per annum.

Company Overview:
American Eagle Outfitters

With a revenue of $4.036 billion in 2018, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is one of the biggest American lifestyle clothing and accessories retailers. Since its launch in 1977, the brand has mainly targeted male and female university and high school students and some of their most famous products include jeans, polo shirts, graphic T-shirts, outerwear, and swimwear. Regarding job opportunities, the company is often described as a good place to work, especially for teens who are trying to start their careers. It offers an open international environment, well-developed reward systems, and multiple great benefits which should be taken into account.

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How to write your own Marketing and Brand Manager resume?

1. Describe an existing leadership experience

As a manager, you will be required to demonstrate that you know how to lead and work with a group of individuals in a pursue of common goals and objectives. That's why, if you are applying for this position, including it in a work experience section of your CV is crucial and should not be skipped. To make it even better, add numbers to the specific responsibilities which will show to your potential employer the real results of your work and determination. Furthermore, this is also a great way to talk about other important skills and abilities which would make you a perfect candidate for the job.

Marketing and Brand Manager Work Experience Example

  • "Ideation and execution of marketing and sales strategy, impacting the brand recall and revenue, including the launch of Kaya's first hair care products, resulting in a 271% increase in sales."

  • "Led a multifunctional team, including R&D, supply chain, and operations to devise and deliver new product development, with a brand, product, and category directions."

  • "Coordinated Marketing & PR for MICAVAANI 90.4FM in 2015-2016 and launched a new digital outreach medium, increasing daily listenership by 32%."

2. Add relevant achievements and awards

On top of describing your accomplishments in the work experience part, you should also consider including a separate section to your resume where you can talk about any rewards you have been awarded throughout the years, especially if they are relevant to the job you are applying for. If you do this properly, you will show to the hiring managers that you are a results-oriented individual with a strong determination to meet and exceed any assigned business goals and objectives. However, do not overdo this and, as mentioned above, try to stay as to the point as possible.

Marketing and Brand Manager Resume Awards Example

  • "Winner, Cultify / MICA - 2015"

  • "Finalist, The Senate / Symbiosis Institute of Business & Management - 2015"

  • "Excellence in English, US Embassy - 2011"

3. Summarise your resume in an eye-catching profile

Did you know that the hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing a CV? Yes, that's right! You have only 6 seconds to convince your potential employer that you are the one who deserves the job and would execute it successfully. That's the main reason, why creating a perfect profile section is so important. Moreover, it often is the first thing, the recruiters will look at when going through your resume. The profile section ought to be about 1-2 sentences long and placed at the top of your CV, right behind the contact information. Last but not least, it should contain only the best of yourself.

Marketing and Brand Manager Resume Profile Example

  • "A hard-working and self-motivated individual, looking out for opportunities in Marketing & Brand Management to help expand the business and provide solutions through a creative yet pragmatic approach."

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