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Marketing Communications Manager Resume Example
Position Overview:

Marketing Communications Manager

The largest extent of their responsibilities is leading direct discussions with their client or employer which form the process of creating an adequate communications strategy. To skillfully engage in these discussions, the Marketing Communications Manager often relies on surveying the public, having individuals from outside the firm listen to strategy proposals in order to test their reactions. Their duties also encompass some more regular marketing tasks like general promotion of the brand through directing advertising campaigns. The most recent strategy of doing that has, for example, become pairing up with social media influencers who get paid in exchange for “selling” the company brand on their internet accounts.

Company Overview:
hyat regency dubai

Hyatt Regency belongs to the biggest worldwide hotel branches. It operates 777 hotels as of 2018 and has plans to keep opening new locations. Their growth is attributed to good handling and an overview of the hotel market, which allowed the company to make the right decisions at the right time. The industry has now entered a phase of transformation, however, and the well-established, big hotel brands have to adapt to a world of technology and shared economy businesses. For this reason, working at a place like Hyatt would likely be challenging but at the same time quite rewarding. The Hotel industry is vibrant and full of creative people, especially in marketing, which is increasingly dependent on new methods to convince people that they should stay in a hotel. Be it for a business trip or family holiday.

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How to write your own Marketing Communications Manager resume?

1. Introduce yourself in a brief but personal text

Just as a casual way to “begin a conversation” with the recruiter, even though it is indirect, have a short text at the beginning of your resume which introduces you to the reader. Both professionally and personally. Well-written, it will leave behind a good first impression that people will remember when it comes down to making a decision about candidates.

Marketing Communications Manager Resume Profile Section Example

  • "Marketing Communications professional with 16+ years of experience specializing in hospitality management. Driven and results-oriented; possess excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills; combined with solid brand management and creative agency background. Highly adaptable and personable individual, with a global perspective and exceptionally acute multicultural understanding."

2. Showcase the process and result of projects you did in the past

Anything that can prove your potential employer that you are capable of reaping desired results for the company is a necessary addition of your resume. This is how you will prove that you do actually have all the skills you claim to possess or have an exceptional ability to use. Backing up claims with evidence only adds to the trustworthiness of the resume and implies that you are a strategically thinking person.

3. Point out activities which you participate in outside of work

To add some more to the personal dimension of your resume, definitely add hobbies or activities you participate in when you are out of work. As a person who will be talking often to the people who read your resume, it is beneficial for you to get them to like you early on. By letting them see that you volunteer, travel, or learn languages, they are likely to deduce some characteristics of yourself. They are then more prone to see themselves actually discussing company matters with you and asses that they would enjoy it.

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