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Marketing Strategist Resume Example
Position Overview:

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategists are office professionals who cooperate with the marketing team to successfully execute effective marketing strategies within a defined period. To produce such strategies, marketing strategists conduct in-depth research of the industry to identify market opportunities and emerging consumer preferences, set marketing goals that go with the company’s businesses goals, track and forecast events in the market, but most importantly, generate creative ideas to promote their employer’s products and brand. Creative thinking, communication, and organization skills are paramount to these professionals’ success. An average salary of a Marketing Strategist in the United Kingdom falls between 30,000- and 40,000- Pounds Sterling. 

Company Overview:
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in serving science, giving businesses the resources to advance innovative technologies and develop meaningful solutions. The scale of the company allows it to have the biggest investment in research and development in the industry, providing employees with all the necessities for contributing to the world’s progress. According to employees, the company atmosphere looks to the future, really giving them many opportunities to develop skills while maintaining a good work/life balance. Some people could complain about the hard-to-navigate, complex systems and company structure, but that is almost unavoidable with a company this size. If you can get over that, the firm will be a solid choice of workplace.

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How to write your own Marketing Strategist resume?

1. Capture the reader’s attention

Marketing Strategists or any other positions in marketing for that matter, need applicants to demonstrate that they have any soft skills. Presentation skills and creativity being among those. An efficient way to show someone that you possess those skills is to make them really focus once they get to reading your resume. 

Therefore, try to come up with a creative way to showcase your personal characteristics as well as qualities you think may place you above the fray. Present yourself to the reader in the same way you would your ideas. This indicates that you’d really know what you’re doing when trying to attract customers.

Marketing Strategist Resume Profile Example

  • "Motivated, results-driven Marketing Manager with start-up to Fortune 500 experience and a broad-based knowledge of online marketing. Creates innovative approaches and has a proven ability to succeed in fast-paced, rapidly changing, and deadline-driven environments. Talented marketing strategist with expertise in social media management, digital campaigns, product marketing, account management, sales, and client growth." 

2. Demonstrate an intense development of necessary skills

Soft skills like the ones necessary for this job are something that people train throughout their careers. Sure, there are some talents which ‘get this sort of thing’ from the get-go, but recruiters gain more confidence for an applicant if they see they’ve had enough time to perfect their abilities.

It is therefore a strategic move on your part to showcase the time you’ve spent in positions where soft skill development was unavoidable. A list of relevant work experience of skills and adequate descriptions of previous duties is bound to have a positive effect on your application.

Marketing Strategist Resume Profile Example

Marketing Consultant / Wholistic Marketing (03/2017 – 07/2017)

  • "Established KPIs and configured reports to measure campaign results then recommended methods to increase conversion rates, reduce opt-outs, etc."

  • "Developed and executed A/B tests via email to maximize conversions."

  • "Created content calendars and scheduled content for client channels including email and social; measured and optimized campaigns."

  • "Developed content for paid campaigns and ensured all visual and copy were concise, compelling, and on-brand."

3. Provide extra information about the results of your work

Other than having an interview be a part of the application process, companies have no real way of checking whether what you’ve written about your abilities and creativity is true. Fill this demand by providing them with something that can do that.

Have your previous superiors or coworkers fill out a job recommendation for you. A third-party record which describes how you behave in the workplace, which can give an account to whether your resume is valid, is the kind of proof that is widely accepted across this field. Therefore, if you have the option to supplement your resume with a recommendation, definitely do so!

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