Enterprise Account Consultant at Rogers Resume Sample

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Enterprise Account Consultant at Rogers Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Enterprise Account Consultant

Enterprise Account Consultants are highly skilled and qualified professions which provide guidance to the account management staff regarding the handling of enterprise accounts. Primary responsibilities of Enterprise Account Consultants include overseeing the processes of preparing, implementing, and executing strategic account plans and account level updates on a regular basis. They give advice to their employer’s account management teams on responding to clients and identifying new Enterprise accounts via effective business development strategies. These consultants need experience in sales and negotiation, excellent communication skills, and an understanding of financial rules and documents. As a position that can be quite intense, it is well compensated – the salaries in the field fluctuate between $58K - $99K.

Company Overview:
Rogers Communications Inc.

Rogers is a Canadian communications and media company’s primarily focusing on wireless communication, cable television, internet access, and telecommunications among other things. Although the company is based in Toronto and focuses on the Canadian market, it’s mission is to connect loved ones around the globe. They also offer a number of solutions for entrepreneurs trying to navigate a more tech-heavy world. Partly because it is based in Canada, the firm provides employees with great benefits and an excellent work-life balance. The social atmosphere can come at a cost if you do not like organizations in which tenure, not talent, usually grants promotions.

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How to write your own Enterprise Account Consultant resume?

1. Demonstrate an aptitude for consulting

Being any kind of consultant requires one to have mastered a specific set of skills and work attitude. Most recruiters say that this is only possible by pursuing this type of career for a long time as the skills can only be honed through years of experience. 

It is therefore crucial that you provide a good description of your previous work experience. It should be relevant to the position, meaning it should include previous positions in which you had to do essentially what a consultant does. Communicate with co-workers, the company’s management, thinking creatively about resolving problems, etc. Make sure that the descriptions are comprehensive but succinct at the same time.

Enterprise Account Consultant Resume Work Experience Example

Path Project-Enterprise Designated Consultant / Rogers Communications (10/2018 – Present)

  • "Used tools and resources to accurately assess customer accounts and needs"

  • "Maintained, updated & audited client account information"

  • "Use tools and resources to accurately assess customer accounts and needs"

  • "Liaised with other departments or business partners to coordinate specific client needs"

  • "Followed up with Clients as necessary"

2. Showcase your versatility through a list of special skills

Managers and consultants have to often deal with issues or challenges that arise suddenly and may not be entirely within the ‘ballpark’ of their usual responsibilities. Nonetheless, superiors will expect such challenges to be dealt with exactly by their managers and consultants. You have to show that you’ll be able to do that.

Create a list of all the relevant skills – both soft skills and more technical skills – to show the range of tools and abilities you are able to utilize when dealing with an issue. The broader your expertise, the fewer unresolved issues there will be once you are on the job. That is close to priceless to a recruiter.

Enterprise Account Consultant Resume Skills Example

  • "Kana - Very Good"

  • "Bold Chat - Excellent"

  • "Rogers Direct - Very Good"

  • "BSS Premium and Standard - Good"

3. Include attachments that give a detailed account of your performance

Providing support and advice is the crux of what this position is really about. Hence, your entire resume should essentially center around that. The more you can do to demonstrate that you excel at those activities, the better your prospects for getting the job. 

If you can, make sure you include some ‘references’ or feedback from fellow employees or superiors from the previous positions you occupied. These documents should center around the fact that you helped someone fix a problem, created a strategy that made account management more efficient or negotiated a business approach with the management in a polite and effective manner. 

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