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Raksul Business Director Resume Example
Position Overview:

Business Director

A Business Director is a position that is common in almost any industry. The general descriptor of their function is managing the development of a company’s business goals and objectives through coordinated operations. Business Directors have to be strong communicators and negotiators. They have to have excellent leadership and managerial skills and manage to create and implement strategies and plans to aid staff in working to reach their employer’s goals. The minimum formal requirement to become a director is a bachelor’s degree in business or a relevant field. Business Directors can earn a commission as high as $64,000 annually.

Company Overview:
Raksul Inc.

RakSul, Inc. is a back-to-back business platform building company. They aim to redesign and deco de-clutter value chains in legacy industries. The firm has allowed for the rise of the ‘sharing economy’ business model in a plethora of industries. A trademark of their solutions is the set up of a direct connection SME customers to excess capacities of existing parties in industries at a lower cost. Employees like the company for their polite coworkers and a lot of room for growth and opportunity. The company is almost exclusively focused on the Japanese market, so an issue that some point to is a lack of using the English language and some old-school practices.

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How to write your own Business Director resume?

1. Highlight the fact that you meet all necessary requirements of the job

This is essentially a requirement of any resume that is part of an application for this position, but you can make sure that even such a benign element stands out in your case.

If you received any honors while completing your higher education, achieved very high grades, or attended a very prestigious institution, make sure that this information has a visible place on your resume. In the case that you do not think you possess such ‘eye-catchers’, simply play yourself up a little bit by adding additional educative achievements you have, like certificates or volunteer experience.

Business Director Resume Education Example

  • "Bachelor of Arts in Policy Management / KEIO UNIVERSITY (04/2001 – 03/2005)"

2. Hint at what your management style is and why it is beneficial

To recruiters, it is especially important to know how different applicants for this job manage different situations. Remember, some of these situations require creative thinking, negotiation, and lots of problem-solving, all while managing the actions of one's subordinates.

Where you describe your work experience, try to describe how your specific methods allowed you to implement a strategy or plan that in the end achieved some company goal. Was it because of properly delegating tasks? Was it because of negotiating successfully with the firm’s management? Be specific but also clear and succinct. You should avoid making the text too long as it can make the reader disinterested and they can miss the crux of what you are saying.

Business Director Resume Work Experience Example

General Manager / Imiloa Japan Ltd. (01/2012 – 07/2015)

  • "Personally managed a book of 15 accounts to ensure continuous client satisfaction and expansion and expand the business as a marketing planner. Developed proposals and conferred with clients to define and develop effective TC-CM/print/online campaigns."

3. Indicate how well you fit the position by describing your skills

It can be helpful to the reader that a resume clearly states what the main selling points of an applicant are. Create a list of all the notable skills and abilities that you have which could help you and the company in fulfilling all its long-term goals. In that lit try to indicate how well you are able to use those skills in a work environment – your working proficiency of those skills.  By following our manual, you give them both something to find in the text but also something easily accessible for when they make evaluations about who moves onto the second round of selection or actually gets the job. 

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