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Leader of Production at Samsung Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Leader of Production

A Production Leader is normally the person in charge of the entire production process for a product or set of products made by a company. This includes planning, organizing, and recommending different strategies to make sure that the production is flawless. They assess risks which certain production methods could entail, resolve production problems, deal with employee feedback, and train new workers. A person who wants to be a Production Leader should have at least a bachelor’s degree in business and management or the field in which they want to work in, e.g. IT. They should also possess some inter-personal skills like analytical thinking and courteous manners.

Company Overview:

It does not seem like this company needs much of an introduction. Samsung is a global leader in technology, one of the most valuable companies in the world, concentrating on the production of everything from electrical appliances to semiconductors. Most recently, it started to lead the industry in developing the Internet of Things through their Smart Home and Digital Health initiatives. As the company is huge, it is able to provide workers with a great set of benefits including the ability to test the hottest new products. After all, someone has to test how they perform outside the factory. Workers are also provided with top-notch detail-oriented training, which only opens up doors for future opportunities.

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How to write my Production Leader resume?

1. Make it obvious that you fulfill the basic requirements of the position

As was mentioned, to be the Production Leader for some production process normally requires one has higher education credentials. Hence, it is incredibly important you do not forget to list your educational background, including university, on your resume. Also, list credentials that go above and beyond a traditional bachelor’s degree. This will make you more valuable in the eyes of the recruiter.

Production Leader Education Example

  • "Business Administration and Management / FGV – Fundação Getulio Vargas, Recife, Brazil (05/2016 – present)"

  • "Engineer’s Degree / FACULDADE PITÁGORAS, Sao Luis, Brazil (02/2007 – 05/2015)"

2. Indicate expertise in the production processes used in the industry

A crucial element to a Project Leader’s resume is some experience in doing both “leadership” work or having procedural expertise from the industry. Should you have both, it would signal every reader that you could truly be the pick that covers all expectations and does not need to experience a steep learning curve in carrying out their duties. All good things for any employer who wants to get on with it.

Production Leader Work Experience Example

Senior Logistics Analyst / Samsung, Recife, Brazil (03/2013 – 03/2016)

  • "WMS Specialist. Helped in the implementation of TMS. Executes transactions related to shipment functions, accurately and on time, with detailed information to be reported with assertiveness to ensure compliance of P.O.D. (Proof of delivery) and total customer satisfaction. Coordinates all shipments safely, effectively, and accurately. Stay in contact with carriers, as needed, to ensure S.L.A. (Service level agreement) collecting and inbound warehouse. Tracks all sales orders to enable the prediction of adequate storage layout. Help as needed in the Factory department, inventory audits, and general inventories."

3. Demonstrate your entire toolkit

In any extra space, ass something like a list of skills that you will be able to use, should an unexpected situation arise, and would require you to do something out of your normal scope of tasks. This could mean everything from speaking foreign languages to knowing how to code. Potentially relevant skills could be what seals the deal on you getting the job!

Production Leader Work Experience Example

  • "English - Professional"

  • "WMS - Professional"

  • "TMS - Professional"

  • "SAP/R3 - Elementary"

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