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Portfolio Manager Resume Template
Position Overview:

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers are professionals who work closely with their firm’s clients to manage their investment accounts. Their duties include consulting and advising clients to develop investment objectives that are supposed to increase investment performance, creating reports on investment activity, communicate with clients, and provide information on market conditions and economic trends. To adequately accommodate all these responsibilities, Portfolio Managers have to have some formal background in business or finance, and knowledge of financial investment strategies and risk management techniques. Customer service skills and interpersonal skills are required too, as well as spending a lot of time in front of a computer, looking at data.

Company Overview:

Sunrun is the biggest dedicated residential solar company in the US. Their mission is to create a “planet run by the sun”. Since establishing solar energy as part of their service model in 2007, they continue to lead the industry in providing renewable energy and the benefits that come with it to homeowners around the country. The firm carries out everything from installation to maintaining the solar panels for you and guarantees predictable pricing for 20 or more years. Workers report that the company is well-managed, provides good benefits, and is flexible regarding working hours. Still, because this is only an emerging market, it may be a little difficult to find opportunities for carrier progress.

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How to write your own Portfolio Manager resume?

1. Lay out the most important things about you

It is good to have an image of yourself that you convey to the reader of your resume. This will serve the purpose of having something stick to the recruiter’s mind for when they will start discussing individual candidates. Simply put, they will have something to remember you by. 

The way you can start constructing this image is by giving the reader a couple of pointers that summarize you as a person, a professional, or even your motivations for applying to the job. You are able to sneak in the most important information into this, giving the reader things to remember you by from the get-go.

Portfolio Manager Profile Example

  • "Account Management with over 3 years in the solar industry seeking a new opportunity with career growth"

  • "Increased portfolio performance by 300% over the last year by bringing on new partners and ramping them up to scale"

  • "Bachelors degree in Communication from University of California, Santa Barbara"

2. Show what you can use to analyze data

As the job requires one to analyze, interpret, and communicate data trends, a Portfolio Manager ha to know how to use all the tools necessary for that.

Give the recruiter an idea of what you are able to use to give them and the clients accurate reports on what is going on in the world of finance and the wider economy. If you have a pretty big toolkit, it can indicate that you are very capable and indeed have a lot of experience behind you as well as that you are able to look at an issue or process a challenge via multiple channels, giving the best possible results.

Portfolio Manager Software SkillsExample

  • "Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Google Suits, Anaplan"

3. Add a little bit of flare, so long as it is relevant

As much as this resume does a good job at conveying credibility and being clear, we would like it to have an element that made use of the visual aids and options that readers are naturally drawn to. Adding “slide-bars” to indicate how good one is at using specific software would definitely add to the effect of “making the reader remember you”. Also, it might be a good idea to add some hobbies or even successes activities you undertook either inside or outside the workplace. Try to make yourself stand out!

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