Market Manager (Area Director) at Premium Retail Solutions Resume Sample

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Market Manager (Area Director) at Premium Retail Solutions Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

John Brick

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555


Sales and Marketing Executive with deep technology background in IoT, Networking, Logistics, and CyberSecurity.

Work experience

08/2019 - present, Chromebook Retail Specalist, Premium Retail Solutions
  • Consistently drive sales results using established methods
  • Achieved #1 sales to control 2 of past 4 weeks nationwide with up to 900% over target
2019 - 2019, Senior Consultant, Conexus Consulting, San Jose, CA
  • Implemented prospecting system that increased customer base by over 500%
  • Built Channel development program to partner with vendors for logistics, telecommunications, and networking needs.
  • Released new version of our cloud-based logistics suite based on customer feedback.
2017 - 2018, Sabbatical
  • Pursued my masters degree
2015 - 2016, Account Manager Connected Devices, Trane, Hartford, CT
  • Developed and executed on new "owner direct" program opening up several >$5MM contracts for Trane contracting and servicing divisions. (sales cycle >6 mo)
  • Exceeded revenue targets for Quarterly and Yearly forecasts by 125%
  • As a member of the connected devices national team, trained co-workers on emerging technologies in connected devices and IoT.
2014 - 2015, Chief Product Officer, Universal Devices, Inc., Encino, CA
  • Transitioned from consultant ( to full time with company in 2014
  • Lead Product Strategy, Marketing Communications, and Sales Efforts for Home Automation, Utility, Building Automation, and SMB product groups.
  • Opened up National distribution, Utility partners, and created VAR/dealer/installer network.
  • Managed development teams to define and produce new products in IoT and automation spaces.
  • Consulted with National Distributors on IoT strategy, assisted in developing programs creating new revenue streams for VARS and distributors.
  • Doubled sales in FY15 to $5MM
2011 - 2015, Founder, Unique Ability Products, Holyoke, MA
  • Managed the sourcing and selling of products on Amazon, E-Bay, and Sears Marketplaces.
  • Designed custom "lights-out" distribution systems to automate sales and logistics for order fulfillment.
  • Achieved elite status with Amazon FBA Program (based on customer satisfaction and sales over $1MM/mo)
2008 - 2014, Independent Consultant, Inspirz Consulting, South Hadley, MA
  • Provided mentoring and business consultancy to entrepreneurs.
  • Helped early stage companies with business development, business plan creation, funding options, development resources, and drop-in management teams.
2007 - 2010, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer, Benefit Partnership, Springfield, MA
  • Created insurance enrollment system for large groups with web interface, call center, and payment processing system
  • Managed over $60MM in insurance policies
1997 - 2003, VP Product Marketing, Wave Systems Corp., Lee, MA
  • Complete P&L responsibility for product lines including marketing, advertising, licensing, distribution, and staff of 30.
  • Released three products to market in first 18 months after 11 years of no product releases.


MBA - Organizational Leadership, California Coast University
Bachelor of Science (BS) Hospitality & Management, University of Wisconsin-Stout


2012, Learning Tree International

PMP® Certification Training Course, Developing User Requirements Training: The Key to Project Success, iPhone and iPad Application Development Introduction, Building REST and SOAP Web Services with Java, Developing Java Web Applications, XML Introduction, JavaScript for Web Development, Introduction to Java Programming

Notable skills

Channel Partner Management - 100%
Budgeting, Forecasting, Analysis - 90%
Sales Team Management - 85%
Manage Development Teams - 50%
Individual Contributor - 100%


2016, Culture Award, Ingersoll Rand - Trane

Outstanding Employee Award 2016 CT/NY Territory

Honorable Order of the Golden Toque Award

Random fun facts! Got this award in my Senior year of college from this organization of 'classical' chefs


Strong work ethic
Ability to learn from mistakes
Building teams
Technologically astute

Misc Training

Sandler President's Club Sales Training
Certified Energy Manager Bootcamp


Private Pilot
Capturing moments
Health & Nutrition
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