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IBM Commission and Business Analyst Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Commission and Business Analyst

The main duty of a Business and Commission Analyst is to collect and professionally analyze and examine data about the organization and its' business. After the detailed analysis of data, they try to use it to increase the efficiency of the company's processes and procedures. They also contribute to and pro-actively participate in the improvement of products and services. As a Business Analyst, you'll work in one of the types of business analysis and spend time on the development of data models and the completion of financial and sales analysis. The Commission and Business Analysts earn $74,610 annually on average in the United States.

Company Overview:

I think we can all agree that IBM is not anymore the white knight of the IT industry as it was, for example, 40 years ago. But that doesn't mean it's not a great place to work and grow professionally and personally. It still operates in more than 170 countries, employs over 10,000 people, and has a revenue of $5+ billion per year. If you decide to join their team, you'll get a chance to work on the innovation of breakthrough technologies and will collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. IBM is also often ranked as one of the top global employers and has won multiple employer awards along the way. According to the employee reviews, the whole application and interview process is very long and can take up to 3 months which should, on the other way, definitely not discourage you to apply if you have dreamed about getting a job there.

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How to write your own Commission and Business Analyst resume?

1. Create a custom resume summary

Writing and including a profile section to your resume is as important as any other step and it's also one thing we would add to the resume above. A resume summary is usually the first thing recruiters focus on when they look at your resume. That's why making this section as perfect as possible is so important and should not be skipped. You can also include a career objective to this section which will let the hiring managers know about what you are looking for. On the other hand, don't make the mistake of making this section too long as your potential employer might quickly get bored. Ideally, it ought to be about 2-3 sentences long and is usually placed at the very top of a resume.

Commission and Business Analyst Profile Section Example

  • "Certified and hard-working Commission and Business Analyst adept at monitoring company performance and results, analyzing business growth opportunities, and performing in-depth market research. Offers extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, well-developed analytical skills, teamwork abilities, and proven track record of extraordinary achievements."

2. List your education properly

It's not always about what you mention in your resume but it also matters how you mention it. For example, education is one of the most important parts of a resume and still many people do not build it a proper way. You can use this section to show to the recruiters that you have the knowledge that is relevant to the job and position you are applying for. What's more, it's also a great way to highlight that you have the related skills. So how to include education to your resume? Firstly, use the reverse-chronological order (start with the most current thing and work your way back). Second of all, don't mention irrelevant stuff (if you have a PhD, describing your high school studies is not necessary). Finally, don't forget to also add any certificates and licenses that are related to the job.

Commission and Business Analyst Resume Education Example

  • "European Studies and International Relations - Master of Science Degree / Comenius University, Faculty of social and economic sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia (09/2014 – 06/2016)"

  • "International relations and diplomacy - Bachelor degree / University of International and Public Relations, Prague, Czech Republic (09/2011 – 06/2014)"

3. Have somebody proofread your resume

Never send out the first copy of the resume you write, however good you think it is. Even though it actually might be very good, you should always ask somebody, preferably someone older and with more experience, to check it out and maybe provide ideas on how to improve it. They can also give you a valuable feedback which you wouldn't get if you skipped this step. You should also consider using Grammarly or other grammar checking software to ensure that there are not any typos or unnecessary errors.

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