Marketing Director Resume Sample

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Marketing Director Resume Sample

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What professions can use this resume example?

Marketing Manager. Chief Marketing Officer. Digital Marketing Consultant. Field Merchandiser. Digital Marketing Executive. Communication & Marketing Administrator.

Who is a Marketing Director?

To define this role, it's a well-educated and experienced professional who leads the efforts and activities of the whole marketing department. In order to become a Marketing Director, you'll need to have skills and abilities from various fields, such as leadership, communication, and the ability to work under pressure. You should also have a proven track record of success in developing and implementing advertising plans and strategies that achieved/exceeded targeted results. Other requirements may include experience in project and budget management, excellent knowledge of social media and digital marketing, strong copywriting skills, attention to detail and accuracy, and finally, effective multitasking and time management skills. The university degree in Marketing/Business or other related fields is usually not mandatory by might be a great advantage.

What does a Marketing Director do?

As mentioned above, Marketing Directors are usually responsible for the whole marketing department, or at least some parts of it. Therefore, this role includes a wide range of duties from more minor tasks, such as coordination of the social media efforts and creation of blog posts and articles to major and very important activities like completion of professional market research, development and implementation of promotional strategies and campaigns, improvement of the brand awareness, and management of other complex marketing projects. Obviously, it depends on the specific company and industry but these duties might appear among the Marketing Directors' responsibilities all over the world. The average annual salary of these professionals in the United States is $114,950.

How to write your own Marketing Director resume?

1. Describe your accomplishments

You may have heard this advice many times but when it comes to writing a perfect resume, it just can't be overlooked. Ask yourself a simple question: what are the recruiters hoping to see in my resume? Relevant skills? Absolutely. Education? Yes. Exceptional profile summary? For sure. But there is one thing that will get the hiring managers excited about you even more: your achievements. Anyone can find work responsibilities for any position on the Internet and that's why it's much better to focus on specific accomplishments that are unique to you. If you do this properly, you'll move your resume to the next level.

Marketing Director Achievements Example

  • "Collaborated with colleagues to improve Search Engine Optimization, developed and implemented marketing strategies, and worked on the improvement of brand awareness - increased brand awareness by 65% within one year."
  • "Grew the company's Facebook fanbase by 300% and the number of subscribers on YouTube by 150% in 2018."
  • "Recognized by executives for achieving extraordinary results and increasing sales by 75% within one year."


2. Emphasize your know-how

After perfecting the work experience part, it's time to spend time on other key resume sections. One of these should include the most relevant skills and abilities you feel are important for the job you are applying for and is usually placed right after the education section. It doesn't matter whether you call it strengths, skills or key skills section, important is what is mentioned in it. As anywhere else in your resume, add there only the most relevant things. There are two main types of skills that ought to be a part of any good resume: soft skills (interpersonal qualities) and hard skills (quantifiable abilities) and you should always cover both.

Marketing Director Skills Example

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office - Expert
  • HubSpot Marketing - Expert 
  • Ontraport - Expert
  • SendinBlue - Intermediate 
  • ActiveCampaign - Intermediate

Interpersonal Skills

  • Strategic, Creative, Mentoring, Analytical, Articulate speaker, Idealism


3. Include a link to your LinkedIn account

Many people think that your resume should contain the same information as your profile on LinkedIn or any similar social media platform. However, that's not true and doing so would be a big mistake. The main purpose of a resume is to highlight the best of yourself, both professionally and personally. On the other hand, LinkedIn is the place to describe things in more detail and to include information which is less important or relevant. The best way to combine these two is to simply add a URL to your LinkedIn profile to your resume. 

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