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Maersk Business Partner CV Example
Position Overview:

Business Partner

As a business partner at Maersk, you'll be in charge of various daily activities and operations depending on in which department you gonna work. Some of the main business partner's job duties include building strong and strategic relationships with key customers, serving as the first point of contact between the company and assigned clients, and monitoring and coordinating the end-to-end shipment lifecycle to ensure its' smooth execution. You will also be responsible for customer satisfaction with provided services and resolving any customer issues. To successfully complete all these tasks you should be able to demonstrate the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, think critically, and lead a group of individuals.

Company Overview:

With more than 70,000 employees and clients in over 130 countries, Maersk is deservedly considered one of the leaders in the logistics industry. That's why if you get hired by them and decide to become a part of the company, you can be sure to join a very diverse workplace with people from all over the globe. Besides great networking opportunities and high chances to climb the corporate ladder, you will also work for the organization with strong values and well-established brand identity. On the other side, being a part of such a big organization has its' disadvantages. For instance, it comes with lots of politics and sometimes it's difficult to innovate and make a change.

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How to write your own Business Partner resume?

1. Pick the right resume format

Before building a perfect resume you should think about what you want it to look like. It's not a good idea to just open the Microsoft Word, or any other text editor, and start filling in the information. You ought to choose the resume format and the way you want to write it first. There are three main resume formats: reverse-chronological format, combination format, and functional format (skills-based). Although it often depends on the position and your previous career, we strongly recommend you using the reverse-chronological format as it is applicable for any position. It's traditional and familiar to basically all potential employers. How to use it? Just start with the most current thing and work your way back. The resume above is a great example of this format.

2. Put your achievements into numbers

There is nothing that will prove your qualities better than the specific accomplishments you have made throughout your career life. Therefore, do not simply describe all your work responsibilities but try to quantify as many of them as possible. This will show to the potential employers that you are a pro-actively individual who likes to take action and thrives for extraordinary results. It also provides a great opportunity to mention particular improvements which you brought to the previous teams or companies. 

Business Partner Achievements Example

  • "Increased efficiency of the assigned team by 35% and reduced daily operating costs by 20%."

  • "Surpassed monthly revenue quotas by 17% and increased profits by 11%."

  • "Awarded Employee of the Month twice for performing great work."

3. Use action verbs

While writing the most important sections of your resume, such as profile and work experience, try to use as many action verbs in them as possible. These will show to the recruiters that you like to take an initiative and lead projects to the successful finish. They'll also help you to better describe your job duties and will just make your resume look much more dynamic and professional.

Business Partner Resume Action Verbs Example

  • "Managed both inward and outward stock movement whilst maintaining accuracy and integrity of the store/s inventory records under my direction including all associated documentation and recording keeping for accounting purposes."

  • "Provided outstanding customer service while maximizing sales and serving as a positive role model for team members in the consumer electronics business in retail."

  • "Performed strategic thinking to achieve optimal customer experience and meet customer needs."

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