Google Team Leader Resume Sample

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Google Team Leader Resume Sample

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What professions can use this resume example?

Project Manager. Project Management Assistant. Resource Manager. Campaign Manager. Business Development Manager. Digital Marketing Manager. Marketing Specialist.

What is it like to get hired by Google?

How to get a job at Google? This question is yearly asked by the hundreds of thousands of computer science and engineering graduates who dream about joining this company. This question is even the title of a famous book which provides a "tutorial" of how to successfully go through their incredibly hard and very selective hiring process. But what is working at Google really like? Well, there are definitely numerous awesome advantages, such as above the market rate compensation, opportunity to work with the experts from around the world, and famous organizational culture. However, even Google has its' flaws. For instance, don't expect the projects to be easy and be ready for working after hours on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. In spite of that, if you are a hard worker who is not afraid of challenging tasks, Google might be the lifetime experience for you. Team leaders at Google earn $132,406 on average.

What does a Team Leader do?

If you want to get a team leader position at any company you will need at least some experience with managing and coordinating a group of individuals for the purpose of achieving certain goals. And that's exactly what these professionals spend most of their working time on. Making sure that the team is working effectively and all the assigned projects are getting to the successful finish. Besides this, they are also usually responsible for developing and implementing a team strategy, monitoring and analyzing the team performance, providing training to the team members, and producing regular reports.

How to write your own Team Leader resume?

1. Describe your leadership experience

As mentioned above, getting a team leader job usually requires experience in managing a group of people. That's why showing to the potential employer that you are able to do it and have successfully done it before is necessary. You can include any leadership experiences that come to your mind, from previous jobs to education and volunteering. Were you the president of a university society? Did you volunteer as a team leader at a non-profit organization? Did you manage a team at your last job? Mention it in your resume. Try to also explain the most relevant responsibilities that were associated with your role as a leader.

Team Leader Leadership Experiences Example

  • "Creation and management of digital media team - social media executive, 2x developers, and 3x graphic designers, 2x social media executives, 1x copywriter and 1x video editor as well as an external development team."
  • "Managed and grew the staff team at the Google Digital Garage in Birmingham. Empowered and envisioned team members to train individuals and groups."
  • "Scoped and managed the development of website projects for clients using both in-house teams and external agencies to deliver projects."


2. Tailor your resume to the job description

You can be as experienced and as educated as you want but it doesn't really matter if you don't have what the recruiters are looking for. Or at least when they think you don't have it. That's the main reason why personalizing your resume and adjusting it to the specific job ad is so important. No one is asking you to lie and make stuff up, you just have to build certain sections of your resume in a certain way, so the hiring managers will see you as a person destined for the job. For instance, is the job ad saying that they are looking for someone with a pro-active approach? No problem, include the points to your work experience where you show that you are not afraid to take action and lead projects to the successful finish. You can tailor almost every part of your resume including profile, work experience, skills, etc. Just don't overdo it. Too much is too much.


3. Don't make it too long!

One thing we would change in the resume above is its' length. Remember, creating a resume is not about mentioning and explaining every little detail of your professional life. It's also not about including every work responsibility, all skills, and each volunteering experience. You should mention only the most relevant stuff and that goes for every section. If you make your resume too long you are risking that the hiring managers will quickly lose attention and get bored. One more thing, a good resume should be balanced out and ought to create a complex image of you as a potential employee. So always include all important sections and try to make each of them as perfect as possible.

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