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Marketing Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers lead the process of developing, implementing, and executing marketing plans for the whole company for the purpose of attracting potential customers and keep current ones. Overseeing these projects includes coordinating marketing and creative staff, leading market research, and communicating with media organizations and ad agencies. A marketing Manager’s skill set should include a niche understanding of all market channels, creative and innovative thinking, analytical abilities, and familiarity with the latest trends and tech in graphic design, web design, production, and the like. The average salary for a Marketing manager in the US is around $65k according to Payscale.

Company Overview:
deVere Group

DeVere Group is at the forefront of the world’s leading independent financial advisory institutions. With over offices in more than 100 different countries and in excess of $10 billion under advice and administration, they are able to fully understand all clients’ inquiries and need to suggest the right financial solution with all their goals in mind. Workers get to enjoy the possibility of limitless earnings, travel the world, and receive many further career opportunities. What can be frustrating is that the market conditions can change without you having much control over it, resulting in stressful situations and high demand. If you’re still up for it though, you are bound to be well-rewarded.

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How to write your own Marketing Manager resume?

1. Set out your goals and strategies

When hiring people into managerial positions, companies have a specific type of management they prefer to have in those positions. These preferences can differ based on what area of a company they want to have someone manage or some other factor, but it is generally good advice to set out what kind of manager you are in your application.

In your resume, include sections that outline your personal characteristics, your skills and preferred strategies, and your motivations to continue in your line of work. Short “profiles” at the beginning of the document or even a list of your key skills can definitely paint the image readers are looking for while assessing applications.

Marketing Manager Resume Objective Example

"An entrepreneurial professional, self-motivated team player with results-driven personality, aiming at establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with your organisation."


  • "Ability to build and maintain relations with customers and partners"

  • "Able to implement effective marketing strategies"

2. List skills and abilities that can be useful to the firm

Apart from the skills which every recruiter expects an applicant for a Marketing Manager to have, it is always a good idea to show some additional value you can bring to the company.

Every extra skill which can make your life or the lives of your supervisors a little bit easier, like proficiency in a foreign language or ability to understand complex computer software, can demonstrate you are a well-rounded professional capable of solving unusual situations. Make a list of any such skills or abilities and indicate how and to what degree you are able to utilize them. With some luck, it will be exactly what companies may need!

Marketing Manager Skills Example

  • "English - Full"

  • "Bulgarian - Full"

  • "Dutch - Good"

  • "French - Satisfactory"

3. Submit relevant documents to aid you

Sort of following in a prevailing theme of this resume, you definitely want to provide recruiters with evidence of all your capability and skill.  When describing your previous work experience, be detailed enough so that you seem like you can be trusted, maybe even add references from your supervisors. Further outline your methods and motivations in a cover letter and maybe even send in proof of formal qualifications. Put down your results from university or include any courses you may have completed online. The company’s shareholders want to be as confident as possible when making such an important hire, and these are all ways with which you can make them have that confidence with you.

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