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Government of Canada Digital Media Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Digital Media Manager

A Digital Media Manager is responsible for overseeing the company’s digital media efforts, including websites and social media platforms. This involves primarily the creation and curation of shareable content, building and managing social media profiles, and directing monetized search and social campaigns. Furthermore, these managers are supposed to analyze the performance of these efforts, looking at the impact they have on brand consistency. They also handle logistical issues like managing the digital budget. Things are always changing in the digital realm, so a Digital Media Manager has to be able to continually learn new things and adapt to change. Solid written and oral communication skills are also essential.

Company Overview:
Government of Canada

The Government of Canada encompasses all the institutions under the control of the ruling coalition of the Canadian parliament. The character of the work environment that workers are in can differ a lot, as government institutions all specialize in different aspects of running a country. The differences become even more pronounced at the professions one may occupy. Working at the Ministry of Finance is probably a lot different than being an environmental protection analyst. With the Canadian Government workers get great state benefits and get to do truly interesting and rewarding work. All this makes the wait for a decision on your application worth it.

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How to write your own Digital Media Manager resume?

Just follow our resume guide! Other than that, this particular resume stood out for a number of different reasons. No wonder it succeeded at Government of Canada.

Let's take a look at what can YOU take away from this resume and use it in yours!

1. Show that you’ve had time to perfect your abilities

Curating content that is aimed to be shared by thousands of people on and on, requires a person to have built up a specific niche skill. A feeling for ‘what will stick’, if you will. The only way of really doing achieving that is years of practical experience.

This leads us to recommend that if you can, you should definitely name and describe any relevant previous experience you have from working in the digital media field. Ideally with advertising or social media content. Showing that you have had a good amount of experience in making people share and talk about something will demonstrate to the reader that you may have developed that special feeling.

Digital Media Manager Work Experience Example

Digital Media Manager (Secondment from PCO) / Global Affairs Canada, Ottawa (9/2017 – present)

  • "Working on a transition team that just launched the invest in Canada agency."

  • "Focused on creating the agency’s inaugural website (Drupal 8, WxT-based)."

  • "Work with multiple contractors to conduct usability research, create client personas and journeys, design, and develop the website, and ensure it is accessible and mobile-friendly."

  • "Advise on proposals to the executive team for signature events such as Fortune Global Forum; lead on events such as C2 Montréal Conference and World Business Forum Milan."

2. Compile your abilities into a clear form

After a long and hopefully descriptive outline of your previous experiences in digital media management, try to clearly write down what should be taken from that. Just to emphasize the things you really want readers to get.

Something like a list of the skills you have learned over the years in your business and the level at which you have mastered them. The effect of something as clear and at the same time, quite resourceful, can be quite powerful for a recruiter to see. Just make sure all of the skills you include are all relevant and do not make you seem like you’re showing off. That can be quite off-putting.

Digital Media Manager Skills Example

  • "Strategic communications - Excellent"

  • "Content strategy - Excellent"

  • "Social media - Excellent"

  • "Marketing & Advertising - Excellent"

  • "UX Research - Excellent"

3. Make your resume stand out in innovative ways

Your prime responsibility as a Digital Media Manager is to ‘catch the person’s eye’. That is something you can convey with your application documents too, especially your resume. Try to experiment with unorthodox visuals or add sections and information that is not common to find on most resumes. The only thing to be careful about here is to make sure it really does catch the reader’s eye and does not bog them down in unnecessary details or quirky features.

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