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Apple Customer Support Resume Example
Position Overview:

Customer Support

As you might already know, providing assistance and beneficial support to customers and clients will be your main duty and something you'll spend most of the work time doing. On the other hand, you will also have the opportunity to perform or be responsible for other important activities and functions, for instance, processing orders, assessing customers' needs, and working on the improvement of customer satisfaction. To become a good customer support employee, you should be able to demonstrate previous customer support experience and a proven track record of success in achieving sales targets and quotas. Also, excellent communication and multitasking skills, good product knowledge, well-developed time management abilities, and a strong customer-oriented approach may be required.

Company Overview:

Famous for its' incredibly successful products like iPhone, iPad, and iMac, Apple is also one of the companies with the most selective application and interview process. Therefore, in order to get hired by them, you'll need to be a professional with extensive knowledge of your field. Of course, it depends on a position you get but we think it's safe to say that joining their team means joining a fast-paced business environment where to progress within the company, competitive spirit and exceptional results are required. Besides that, you will also have a chance to take advantage of their awesome employee benefits, such as free shuttle services, free gym membership, amazing health/dental insurance packages, and great employee discounts.

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How to write your own Customer Support resume?

1. List relevant strengths

Show to the recruiters what you are good at and what are the qualities you believe are important to the job you are applying for. However, do not add random strengths but read the job description and include those you feel are relevant and should not be left out. Of course, don't make the stuff up and only list qualities you really have and can prove them. Also, don't make the mistake of making this section too long. We recommend you to include 5-6 most relevant qualities. After identifying and listing them, use other sections, such as work experience to provide evidence that you really have these abilities.

Customer Support Resume Strengths Example

  • Strengths: "Adapting to changing circumstances, Analytical, Assessing the needs of customers, Data input, Communication, Computer Skills, Guiding a group or individuals, Learning from failures, Multitasking, Product knowledge, Professional, Responsibility, Teamwork, Troubleshooting, Working under pressure"

2. Include numbers where possible

There is no better way to show off your qualities than including quantified achievements to your resume. Numbers will also draw immediate attention and will help your resume to stand out. That's why instead of describing all work responsibilities, try to focus on specific accomplishments you have made along the way. You can also use this way to highlight your skills and show to the hiring manager that you are a pro-active individual who can take a lead and successfully finish all assigned projects. Did you increase sales or reduce expenses of the company you work for? Have you achieved other extraordinary results? Include them in your resume.

Customer Support Resume Accomplishments Example

  • "Increased customer satisfaction with customer service from 78% in 95% within 2 years."

  • "Grew customer retention by 25% and added new customers increasing company production by 20%."

  • "Recognized as a #1 Customer Service Rep, out of 15 reps in the division, in 2014. The ranking was based on customer satisfaction, speed of resolution, and availability."

3. Clean up your online reputation

Although this step is not directly related to building a good resume it's still very important and should not be skipped. Before contacting recruiters and sending out your resumes and cover letters, don't forget to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is in compliance with what you say in your resume. You should also consider looking at and removing potentially harmful posts on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. profiles. To sum up, just don't forget that the hiring managers will also probably search for you online.

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