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Junior Administrator Resume Example (Full Text Version)

John Bear

Address: 140 Grey Point Road, 9191999, Huntingville, US
Date of birth: 1992-01-30
Email address: hello@kickresume.com
Phone number: 999999-999
Web: www.kickresume.com/cv/temple


Highly motivated junior systems administrator offering hands-on experience of multiple Debian-based Linux environments. With experience in configuring, upgrading and maintaining long-term server infrastructures. Strong analytical skills. Able to work with technicians from various engineering disciplines to troubleshoot complex system-level issues.

Work experience

03/2015 - present, Standard Technician, API Digital, Huntsville, United States
Troubleshooting for a large customer base with standard internet DSL and fiber issues. Assisted with enterprise-level issues involving Adtran and SwitchVox systems. Trained on NOC systems and procedures, and assisted with Linux tasks.

04/2013 - 05/2015, Customer Service Representative & Copy and Print Department, Office Depot, Huntsville, United States
Worked with large printers using the Fiery web interface. Consulted with the technical department to assist with issues. Interacted with large groups of customers. Noted for being punctual.


03/2016 - present, Linux Certification Training, Linux Academy, United States
08/2013 - 03/2016, Network Technician, Virginia College, Huntsville, United States
Course highlights: network administration, network design & analytics, system security, project management, systems analysis, business information systems


06/2014, Security+, CompTia, https://www.certmetrics.com/comptia/public/verification.aspx?code=B1CVQ3VD7H11QERX
Certificate ID : B1CVQ3VD7H11QERX
05/2014, Net+, CompTia, https://www.certmetrics.com/comptia/public/verification.aspx?code=WDC66PPDRL11CYHB
Certificate ID : WDC66PPDRL11CYHB
12/2013, A+, CompTia, https://www.certmetrics.com/comptia/public/verification.aspx?code=6H0V4MZJ6HR12L1N
Certificate ID : 6H0V4MZJ6HR12L1N


Customer Service
Customer Relations
Phone Support
Linux Server Administration
Debian/Ubuntu-Based Systems (with GUI)
Ubuntu-Based Servers
BASH Scripting
Security Practices
Nginx Experience

Server Examples

10/2015, TeamSpeak Server Hosting, https://www.tsviewer.com
This server in particular is fairly new, as I retired my previous ones. I host it on Ubuntu Server 14.04, with a MariaDB. I used to have the default MySQLite on the old server, but found that MariaDB is much easier to manage and support. I have most experience with Linux. I host a number of other TeamSpeak servers for free, as I currently own a non-profit license. For those who need a server, I take away the worry about the price of VoIP clients. (This is starting to become irrelevant with the introduction of Discord.)
03/2016, MeYaoi Forums, http://themeforest.com/
My first website was implemented for the general public. I wrote full documentation for everything I did. I worked with the game developer on how she would like it implemented and so forth. The website is free to use, so no security updates were implemented, but I did do an extensive security overhaul of the server when it was first created. This server has since been moved to another DO owned by MeYaoi (the username is MeYaoi, since it was requested that it remain unchanged).


Ajenti Web Control Panel - 100%
SwitchVox - 50%
DDoS Protection - 82%
UFW - 75%


PC games


Web Portfolio


Delegating tasks
Computer Skills
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