Senior Product Manager CV Example

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Senior Product Manager CV Example
Position Overview:

Senior Product Manager

These employees are highly skilled and experienced professionals, adept at directing a team of people to accomplish a task. They should possess a good range of interpersonal skills as well as skills they use in their fields. A Senior Product Manager in a software company, for example, should have sufficient knowledge of computer science, so that they know how to properly address assignments and issues. Actually, it is becoming more and more important to have experience in the IT fields, as nowadays companies are basing their operations in the online realm. Senior Product Managers possess many skills and carry immense responsibility for the operations being carried out by their firm, which is reflected in the wages they make – £43 – 59k.

Company Overview:

Being a public company in one of the most vibrant economies in the world – Indonesia – Pajak is a company with a lot of responsibility. Administering tax burdens and collecting taxes from over 260 million citizens and rising is an increasingly challenging tax. The government, therefore, has a lot on its hands to keep the tax process efficient and functional, especially because the country wants to invest into things like education and infrastructure, areas which need to be developed for the nation’s status to elevate. This requires newer solutions and constant modernization of operating mechanisms. Hence, if you find yourself working here, you will likely be tasked with many things, that will require you to think creatively. Your job will also potentially be very rewarding as good results can translate to millions of people living in the country.

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How to write your own Senior Product Manager resume?

1. Showcase both your managing experience and other expertise

It is crucial that you can show recruiters that you held managing positions in the past. After all, it is especially true for managers that the longer a person is a manager for, the more capable they are at doing the job. This also demonstrates that you took a liking to the job. It is important for the company to have managers, about whom they are confident will not leave them when they ‘stop liking it’. Furthermore, include expertise from the fields which fell under your managerial competences. This will demonstrate that you are able to give instructions to workers without any misunderstandings and lost time.

Senior Product Manager Work Experience Example

  • "Lead Product Manager / OnlinePajak, Jakarta, Indonesia (11/2017 – present)"

  • "Sr. Product Manager / Global Pay Indonesia (DIMO), DKI Jakarta, Indonesia (09/2016 – 11/2017)"

  • "Full-Stack Developer / Skyworx Indonesia, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia (03/2014 – 08/2014)"

2. Describe the contributions you made to previous employers

This is the part where you provide the recruiter insight into your work experience. In a way, you show that the positions you occupied were occupied by you for nothing. Talk about what exactly you took care of and how it brought your previous employers benefits. It is important that you actually describe how you managed to achieve the good results based on which you are trying to sell yourself to the company. Ambiguity is not a good sign for any recruiter, as it may signal that you don’t have anything you can be credited for having done.

Senior Product Manager Achievements Example

Sr. Product Manager / Global Pay Indonesia (DIMO), DKI Jakarta, Indonesia (09/2016 – 11/2017)

  • Appointed by CEO to lead the mobile financial services product management & UI/UX Teams and Developer Teams."

  • "Optimized every detail Pay By QR apps by doing A/B testing nd FGD to increase usability and user experience"

3. Complete the package you can provide

Work experience doesn’t encompass everything recruiters look for. Especially for managerial positions. See that you include something into your resume, that gives them a glace of what you did before working. A good education could show that you have always been determined to excel, which is only a good sign. But also try to add experiences like travels, sports activities, or language proficiency. This can all add to your personality and complete the image of what kind of an employee you are.

Senior Product Manager Skills Example


  • "English - Professional"

  • "Indonesian - Native"

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