Milwaukee School of Engineering Tier 1 Technician Resume Example

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Milwaukee School of Engineering Tier 1 Technician Resume Example
Position Overview:

Tier 1 Technician

Technicians are skilled professionals who work with complex systems and complete technical, mechanical or diagnostic tests. They either work independently, in a team, or under the direction of a supervisor. Some of the basic skills all technicians should have are math skills, good communication skills, an attention to detail, and fine motor skills. Some of the daily responsibilities include measurements, speaking with customers, and operating machinery, depending on what exact area they work in. Once again, depending on the area in which they work, technicians’ median pay can range from around 30,000 USD to over 45,000 USD annually. 

Company Overview:
Milwaukee School of Engineering

The Milwaukee School of Engineering is a private university situated in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The school offers 16 bachelor’s degrees, 10 in engineering. As a clearly technically focused higher education institution, the school is at the forefront of teaching and research in IT and manufacturing in the American Midwest. University employees are empowered led to think of solutions that help people in positive ways, with a decent set of tools to do so. The school management is actively interested in these new ideas and reward good ones with promotions frequently. Potential negatives of working at the university is a fair amount of uncertainty, mostly due to bureaucracy.

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How to write your own Tier 1 Technician resume?

1. Demonstrate a high level of technical ability

Technicians are responsible for the completion of really complex tasks almost on a daily basis. The strain which this has on a worker is especially pronounced if they are someone who are a new employee. They may have to learn about new system configurations, methods of fixing problems, and the like. Only really skilled technicians are able to get over these kinds of hurdles in a short amount of time. 

This is what employers want to ensure when making decisions on who to hire. So, it is important that you provide them with a lot of work experience or even previous achievements which prove you are exceptional and can re-learn quickly.

Tier 1 Technician Resume Achievements Example

OMAPA / (07/2017)

  • "Semifinalist in the National Mathematics Olympiads in Paraguay."

National Champion / (07/2016)

  • "National Champion at the first National Paraguayan Robotics Competition, Pybot."

2. Provide a list of your specific areas of expertise

As mentioned, Technicians can be used for a number of tasks within a company or organization. Being able to identify what exactly you can provide an employer and pointing it out is crucial for a successful resume.

Before you apply, it would be good to actually research what kind of tasks an employer is looking for in their hire, so that you can cater your resume to those needs. When you know this, be sure to point out, in your section about previous work experience, the positions you’ve held or tasks you were responsible for that especially fit what each specific organization you are applying to is looking for.

Tier 1 Technician Resume Skills Example


  • "Java - Advanced"

  • "SQL - Advanced"

  • "Python - Intermediate"

3. Mention any other potentially useful traits or skills

With an application that mostly focuses on one’s technical abilities and expertise, it is always good to ‘diversify’ your selling points. Not too much, because you do not want to shift too much from the main theme of your application but pointing out anything that could potentially be a useful asset to an employer is a good strategy.

Try to include something like language proficiency, potentially useful hobbies or something similar to the resume, so that you add a little bit of additional value to your worker profile. It may just make the difference! 

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