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Integration Engineer CV Sample
Position Overview:

Integration Engineer

An Integration Engineer develops and implements technological solutions that integrate the applications across an enterprise and its departments. They constantly reassess the existing framework of their employer and come up with suggestions for improvement. This for every component of said framework, so it really can be quite an intense job. They also usually report to a manager who oversees the given part of the company’s framework. Typically, these people have to be well-organized, have an excellent basis of technical knowledge, and be able to communicate their proposals to their firm’s management. A bachelor’s degree is typically required, along with some previous experience from working in a similar field or position. 

Company Overview:
Sollers Consulting

Sollers Consulting is an international firm specialized in advisory and implementation assistance services in the financial sector. It was founded in Warsaw by operational consulting and IT experts seeking to invigorate untapped market potential. Despite being relatively small, Sollers has completed projects for over 50 global financial groups including Raiffeisen, Generali, and PZU. There is a strong commitment to the firm to be agile and adapt to its rapid growth. This, however, means that many decisions are made centrally, by partners and other workers do not yet have as much say in what goes on. Still, the benefits which are provided, along with rewards for especially hard-working individuals should make this company worth a look.

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How to write your own Integration Engineer resume?

1. Make a clear list of what you can offer

Despite the digital revolution only lasting a couple of decades so far, there are already so many methods with which a company can create and then keep improving how they run from a software perspective. It takes the widest possible knowledge of technology to choose which ones are best for what. Knowing this, recruiters will want to pick candidates who possess the knowledge and toolkit which allow them to make truly informed choices and form meaningful projects. 

You definitely should summarize all the tools and abilities you have, that could indicate a wide array of knowledge to do this job – make those informed choices. Also, the more you have, the easier it is to stand out from other applicants!

Integration Engineer Skills Example

  • "PostgreSQL - Very Good"

  • "Oracle - Very Good"

  • "AWS Redshift - Satisfactory"

  • "Xplenty -Very Good"

  • "AWS Data Pipeline - Good"

2. Describe what exactly you did in previous positions

A simple list of what you are capable of doing is good in providing a clear summary of what to take away for the reader. Still, it does not mean that you no longer have to back that list up with some evidence.

Therefore, it is crucial, when describing your previous work experience, that you get into the specifics of what projects you had worked on, what exactly you made use of in the process, and what the results of your work were. Chance is that if you have a long list of abilities and tools as well as ample experience in using them, you will truly be viewed as someone who won’t waste any time once in the company.

Integration Engineer Skills Example

Data Warehouse Developer / PipeCandy Technologies, Chennai, India (10/2016 - present)

  • "Performed requirement analysis and transformed the business requirements into functional requirements."

  • "Designed the conceptual and logical data model using dimensional modeling technique."

3. Use appropriate language and terminology

To add a deeper level of credibility to the application, you will do well to remember to watch out for the type of language and vocabulary you are using at specific points in the document. Since this is a very tech-heavy working position, it is important that you project credibility throughout your application’s documents and attachments. This is one way to do it.

Maybe, if you want to be extra sure about the writing, have some of your ex-colleagues look at it. Proof-reading can make sure that no detail and ‘stupid mistake’ make it through to the person who will consider you for the job.

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