Senior Test Engineer Resume Example

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Senior Test Engineer Resume Example
Position Overview:

Senior Test Engineer

Senior Test Engineers play a key role in creating future products a reality for consumers and clients. They are usually tasked with overseeing the finals parts of the rollout process. Specifically, making sure that prototypes comply with all the rules and regulations of the industry, but also with the standard set by their own firm. This is done by running tests on the products. Each test gives specific information about each criterium that is to be fulfilled. The type of test being used differs based on the product and industry in which they work. A formal background in engineering is a must if you want to pursue this position, especially if you are looking to be a Senior Test Engineer. 

Company Overview:
Middle East Broadcasting Center

MBC is the no. 1 site in the Middle East for all things entertainment. This is true both in terms of local sites and national programming - news, entertainment, and interactive service platforms. Over time, the company has grown to include sports coverage and technical news, and constantly works to provide all newest titles in film, art, and celebrity life on Arab and global levels. Employees praise the management for professionalism and good organization, but there seem to be instances in which corporate politics decide about somethings to the detriment of the ordinary worker. That is not new in the entertainment world, but it is a reason why ambitious people with a vision for reform should be getting into the industry.

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How to write your own Senior Test Engineer resume?

1. Describe the full range of your technical abilities

With a job as technically complex as this one, it is important that you immediately leave the reader with a concrete idea of what you can bring to the table. Moreover, with the ‘seniority’ implied in the name of the position, it is good to truly provide them with a wide array of things you could do to do your job well.

A simple list, consisting of the tools you can use and abilities which you have is exactly something that could do the job. Really focus on the relevancy of what you are putting down on paper though and give emphasis to the aspects which you know could be especially useful to the person reading your application.

Senior Test Engineer Resume Computer Skills Example

Operating Systems

  • "Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012) - Very good"

  • "Linux (CentOS) - Very good"

Programming Languages

  • "MySQL - Good"

  • "Python - Good"

2. Point out some personal traits that could be useful for this position

As Senior Test Engineer, it is likely you will have to play a more active role in the team which the company you work for has assigned to the roll-out of a new product. It is important for recruiters to know, that you are personally able to deal with people and maybe even occupy more of a ‘leadership’ role.

A good way to show that you do have what it takes even for these aspects of the job is to think of traits that you have, which could aid you in engaging fellow workers. If you cannot think of anything yourself, ask a friend! There are surely people in your life that had to have noticed something in which you stand out.

Senior Test Engineer Resume Strengths Example

  • "Problem Solving, Leadership, Multitasking, Diligent, Entrepreneurial"

3. Keep it simple, clear, and relevant

It is completely understandable that you may want to fill your resume with as much content as you can. After all, it makes sense that the more content you have, the larger the scope of your abilities may be. Well, it doesn’t have to look like that on paper.

For one, it can seem like you have done many things in your past, but that you also hadn’t done any of them for a particularly long time, which translates to you probably not being so good at it. And secondly, it can be really daunting for a reader to get through all that content, especially if it mixes many different things together, some of which may be irrelevant for the job you are applying for. 

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