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Line Cook Supervisor CV Sample
Position Overview:

Line Cook Supervisor

Line Cook Supervisors have to be people who like working with food and raw ingredients as well as people who take enjoyment in some of the logistical responsibilities around a kitchen. There are usually a few formal requirements to do this job. The most one can do is have previous kitchen working experience. Line Cook Supervisors essentially take care that stocking stations are set up and full with necessary supplies, oversee the preparation of ingredients and the subsequent process of cooking or brewing the meal or product. They also assist the cooks who are ranked above them and play a key role in contributing to customer satisfaction and acquisition goals.

Company Overview:
Locust Cider

Locust Cider is a small family-owned cidery specializing in modern ciders made with all locally sourced ingredients, supposedly adding an innovative take on cidermaking methods to bring out the best quality an everyday apple has to offer. The company recently brought Dirty Bucker Brewing into the mix to complement its products with high-quality microbrews. Currently, with four taprooms in Washington and Texas with plans to expand across other states in the US, Locust Cider products will undoubtedly start popping up more frequently. Being that small family business, we believe working here entails a friendly atmosphere and great opportunities to learn from people who are passionate about what they do.

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How to write your own Line Cook Supervisor resume?

1. Showcase relevant work experience

Any business that specializes in producing food or drinks has to work around the clock as efficiently as possible. That is why even individuals who want to apply for cooking posts have to have some sort of practical experience in a kitchen. 

Each workplace of this type has its rules and operations that fit perfectly into one another and anyone who wants to join the process should be able to start contributing with a minimal adjustment period. This can be assured only by hiring someone who already has at least a rough idea of how it works in a place like this. Hence, readers will be looking for evidence of previous experience in a restaurant or other food-producing environment.

Line Cook Supervisor Work Experience Example

  • "Catering Chef Red Hat Tower / Southern Foodservice Management, Raleigh, NC (10/2016 – 06/2017)"

  • "Line Cook Supervisor / Tazza Kitchen, Raleigh, NC (02/2014 – 09/2017)"

2. Describe your professional strengths

By providing a list of previous work experience, you have fulfilled the basic requirement for being a Line Cook Supervisor. This step will give you the extra bit necessary for readers to take notice of your application.

Try to recall responsibilities that you had to carry out in those previous jobs where you made use of specific skills or personality traits to make fulfilling the task more efficient and in the end, successful. List the specific skill or strength and describe the task you carried out by using it. This can be a compilation from multiple previous jobs that you had. Just make sure you are clear enough when writing the descriptions. 

Line Cook Supervisor Competencies Example

  • "Quickly and accurately relayed messaged between multiple parties."

  • "Conducted business-to-business (B2B) procurement of approximately $60k/month, ensuring suppliers were informed of the company’s needs in a timely manner."

  • "Conveyed client’s needs, comments, and criticisms to the appropriate party in a timely manner."

  • "Developed internal media detailing company procedures and policies."

3. Make sure you stay on topic

Essentially, what you want to do with this resume is to prove that you are an efficient worker. Mentioning previous experiences and the use of personal strengths are the way of doing exactly this. Therefore, it is important you do not lose the focus of this resume and start undermining that fundamental message.

Going down rabbit holes by additional explanation and description which is not necessary can be the thing which disrupts the whole “efficient worker” portrait, as you will essentially create an inefficient resume. Before even starting to write, ask yourself what is really necessary to convey to recruiters if you want to get the job.

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