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MGM Grand Receptionist Resume Template
Position Overview:


You should also note that there are receptionists at different types of establishments. In hotels, they check-in guests, address their requests or demands, and handle the basic logistics of your stay like accommodation and service fees. They also make the bookings, should a guest personally contact the hotel with the intent of making one. At corporations, they do not necessarily check guests in but handle guests or clients who have scheduled a meeting with some superior and also handle more specific logistical issues like phone calls and emails.

Company Overview:
MGM Grand Las Vegas

Owned by MGM Growth Properties, and operated by MGM Resorts, the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas is one of the most famous hotels on the city’s Strip. It is also the single largest single hotel in the United States with over 6800 rooms. With a long tradition and an iconic main building, without which the Las Vegas skyline is now unimaginable, working here has to be one of the coolest experiences one can live through. Of course, the Hotel business is also very demanding, especially with so many guests and a big reputation be upheld. That means it will also require a person to be resilient when they have to work longer hours and patient when they are dealing with unruly customers. If you have all that down and you love the hotel industry though, it does not get much better than this.

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How to write your own Receptionist resume?

1. Demonstrate personal traits that are necessary for this job

Anything that can ensure your potential employer that you will keep on being a reliable person that guests or clients can talk to, should definitely be on your resume. Previous work experience in which you’ve had to interact with strangers and handle their requests will, therefore, be a plus.

Receptionist Responsibilities Example

  • "Checked with the customer to ensure that they enjoyed their meals and took action to correct any problems."

  • "Ensured that all server stations were stocked and working areas were clean at all times."

  • "Provided consistent, prompt, and friendly service."

2. List any skills or strengths that could benefit the employer

Your image as a working person should be formed by a couple of main features that a recruiter should pay attention to when having a look at your resume. Therefore, it is good to have a list of what they should have really taken from your accounts of previous work experience or education.

Receptionist Strengths Example

  • "Solving complex problems, Creative thinking, Adaptable, Friendly, Data-oriented"

3. Point out anything “off-book” that may help you address a customer’s request

Many times, especially if you work as a Hotel Receptionist, guests will want to hear a “personal recommendation” of yours for an activity to fill their time. If you have any hobbies and include them in your resume, it will signal that you are a person that can give that to a hotel’s guests and hence generate positive reviews for the owners.

Receptionist Hobbies Example

  • "Photo enthusiast, Wild nature walking, Observing stars"


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