Account Executive Resume Example

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Account Executive Resume Example
Position Overview:

Account Executive

Successful Account Executives operate in multiple fields and their main goal is to grow the company's business. Besides communicating with potential customers and building, ideally, long-term and stable relationships with them, they also participate or are responsible for projects from other departments, for example, marketing or business development. To become an Account Executive you'll need to be an exceptional communicator and negotiator and it's also very important to have a well-developed knowledge of the company's product offerings and current industry trends.

Company Overview:

Google is famous for offering awesome perks, such as above the market rate compensation, opportunity to work with the experts from around the world, and famous organizational culture. However, even Google has its 'flaws. For instance, don't expect the projects to be easy. Get prepared for working after hours on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. In spite of that, if you are a hard worker who is not afraid of challenging tasks, Google might be the lifetime experience for you. Team leaders at Google earn $132,406 on average.

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How to write your own Account Executive resume?

1. Let the recruiters know about your achievements

Nothing serves as better proof of your accomplishments than the goals which you met or even exceeded. This goes especially for people who work in sales or at the sales-related position. Describing your work responsibilities is good but it doesn't attract the initial attention. It's the specific improvements and quantified achievements that do. Therefore, try to identify as many of these as possible and include them to your resume. You can also mention any employee recognition awards and rewards. Just remember, do not make the stuff up and always tell the truth in your resume.

Account Executive Achievements Example

  • "2017 New NA YTY 24.4% growth, including Add Ons 32% growth"

  • "2017 NA Conversion Rate 10.4%"

  • "2016 Renewal rate of 85%"

  • "2016 NA Signings Quota of 2.2M TCV and 1.9M ACV"

2. Include the education and certificates sections

Do not only focus on the work experience section of your resume. Despite the fact that it actually is the most important one, there are other parts which should no be left out, such as education and certifications/licenses. These will complete the image of you as a potential employee and will also provide a better clue to the Hiring Managers about who you really are. Mention only the relevant things and try to make it look as professional as possible - use the reverse-chronological order (start with the most current thing and work your way back).

Account Executive Education/Certificates Example

  • "Sales Acceleration Center / ISAC for Sellers (2/2017)"

  • "Selling Profession Certification / Level I Experienced (09/2017)"

  • "Global Sales School / (10/2016)"

  • "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / University of South Florida (08/2017 – 05/2011)"

3. Mention relevant skills

Now that you have made the most important sections of your resume (work experience, education, and profile) perfect it's time to consider adding other parts as well. These can include volunteering, hobbies, and also skills. By including an appealing and well-written skills section you can adjust your resume to the specific job description. It's also a great way to show to your potential employer what you consider to be your biggest strengths and qualities. You can mention various types of abilities, for instance, languages, computer skills, and interpersonal skills. The skills section of resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

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