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Deloitte Finance Manager Resume Template
Position Overview:

Finance Manager

A Financial Manager is a professional whose main characteristic, basically a requirement for the position is high financial literacy. This entails mathematical prowess, logical thinking, and an ability to present complex data in an understandable way. An adequate background in the field is something these individuals should also possess, as there are many nuances which Financial Managers have to know how to operate in order to complete assignments they are forced to take on as soon as they get on the job. The primary purpose for Financial Managers to be hired is to assist executives in maintaining the company’s financial health. They do this by producing financial reports, developing long-term strategies and goals, and even directing investment activities. Sometimes, they are involved in assisting with setting the annual budget.

Company Overview:

Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and largest professional service networks in the world. It provides services ranging from audit assistance to management consulting to risk advisory. As of 2020, the company is 175 years old, which sufficiently demonstrates that is has managed to navigate the constantly changing professional services sector. Recently, they started to focus on many of the current social and economic issues which have dominated discourse, increasing focus on the rise of automation technologies, women’s equality, and smart solutions for increasing workplace efficiency. The company operates in 150 countries, which provides its workers with a lot of opportunities to travel and engage in culturally different professional environments. It is prestigious, a pioneer in its industry, and also an employer with great employee satisfaction rates. Working for Deloitte is therefore undoubtedly something all professionals have in mind when setting long-term ambitions.

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How to write your own Financial Manager resume?

1. Introduce yourself

In any resume, a brief profile outline is always a good thing. This is especially the case for Financial Manager resumes, as there are many things that this individual can claim to know. Highlight the things that you specialize in! Additionally, because the profession can entail completing rather routine tasks, it can provide you with space to ensure recruiters that your motivations are genuine and that you do not mind the static nature of the position.

Finance Manager Resume Profile Section Example

  • "Certified Customer Service Professional – (Associate member CSIA-Customer service Institute of Australia) with strong skills in Project and team management, Good at project transitions and coordinating project schedules with 8+ years of experience in Project Accounting, Project management, Financial Analysis, Cost Control, Invoice and revenue generation."

2. Demonstrate all relevant experience

Managerial posts require that you project some sort of authority. This is done by expressing control over the completion of tasks which require you to collect inputs from colleagues or team members. Hesitation may prompt others not to take you seriously, which can result in you not producing reports of sufficient quality. Specifying your previous work experience will elucidate your understanding of financial niches to the potential employer. The work experience section of a resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

3. Showcase your proficiency at different skills

When looking at applicants, recruiters keep asking whether a particular one can be useful to the company. If a firm has specific ways of completing even the routine tasks which are a part of financial management, specifying what exactly it is that you are good at gives companies an idea of whether you would be valuable for particular operations.

Finance Manager Resume Skills Example

  • "English - Full Proficiency"

  • "Hindi - Native"

  • "Tamil - Intermediate"

  • "Spanish - Intermediate"

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