IKEA Ecommerce Operations Manager Resume Sample

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IKEA Ecommerce Operations Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

eCommerce Operations Manager 

As the job title advises, these professionals spend most of their time on the management of various eCommerce functions and activities. Besides that, they are also often in charge of the development and implementation of new eCommerce processes and procedures in order to increase the company's sales. Their other duties include recruitment of new personnel, support of the company's executives, creation of original advertising campaigns, etc. Therefore, previous leadership experience is usually required of them. On top of that, they should also have extensive knowledge of not only eCommerce but other fields like marketing, sales, and business development as well. The university degree is, in most cases, not mandatory but might be a big plus.

Company Overview:

Often described as a "heaven for stylish and affordable home goods" IKEA belongs to the small group of the biggest retail companies in the world. With a revenue of more than €37.05 billion and over 211,000 employees, it has been producing ready-to-assemble furniture since 1943. Speaking of what's really like to work there, IKEA has been ranked as one of the top 20 employees, not only in Scandinavia but internationally as well. They offer great benefits and fair pay and you'll also have a chance to experience work in other departments. On the other hand, as it's such a huge company, there is a lot of politics involved and making any change or innovation in the workplace might take a lot of time and effort. The eCommerce Operations Managers at IKEA earn $76,971 in the United States on average.

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How to write your own eCommerce Operations Manager resume?

1. Keep it relevant

This tip goes for every section of your resume and you should never forget about it. Include only things that are relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, in the case of work experience, add only 10-15 years of your most recent career history. The same approach applies to the education section too - if you have a university degree, mentioning high school studies ought to be avoided. Also, try to include as many keywords to your resume as possible. These can be found by examining the job descriptions of the desired position. Keywords will move your resume to the next level and will also help you to beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The resume above is a great example of how to keep it relevant and personalized.

2. Simple is better

Rather than filling your resume with long and complex sentences which are hard to read, try to keep them short and to the point. Nobody is interested in every little information about your professional life. All the recruiters are usually looking for are specific words and phrases which highlight the skills, qualities, and experience of a person they want to hire. That's the main reason why keeping your resume simple and consistent is so important. Also, you should not experiment in choosing new resume formats and fonts - sometimes it's just better to stick to the well-established things. The work experience section of the resume above is an excellent example of keeping it simple and consistent.

eCommerce Operations Manager Resume Work Experience Example

  • "Operating the ebusiness including daily sales and monthly KPI reporting (AOV, CR, Traffic, PPC ROI, etc.)."

  • "Responsible for the product range processes in the Nordic countries."

  • "Secure quality and constant improvement of Customer Service Center & online Transport offerings, FAQ's and online content."

3. Show your personality

Your resume should not only be about work experience, education, skills, etc. There are other sections that are important too. Therefore, don't be afraid to add parts like hobbies or volunteering as you can use these to show to the hiring managers a little bit of your character and personality. It would be even better if the interests/volunteering were at least somehow related to the job you are applying for. Just remember, do not overdo it! It's all about balance. 

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