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Informa	Client Relationship Manager Resume Example
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How to build a great client relationship manager resume

As a client relationship manager, your role in a company is crucial. How successful the firm is at selling their product depends to a great extent on your interpersonal and business skills.

You strengthen a company’s relationship with clients, demonstrating how your products and services can help them meet their expectations. You build strategies to enhance brand’s identity, and you evaluate risks.

The question now arises, “How well can you sell yourself using an attention-grabbing client relationship manager resume?”

Thanks to this ultimate guide, you'll be able to create an engaging resume that will get you closer to landing the job of your choice.

1. Plan your client relationship manager resume layout and form

It's a good practice to project your resume layout and format before you start writing. This way you will have a clear idea of how you'll organize individual sections.

Keep in mind that the final result should ideally have no more than two pages. You would not like to discourage the hiring manager from dedicating his 7 seconds to reading your resume.

The following tips will help you effectively organize your resume:

  • Use preferably a two-column layout allowing you to include all the important information.
  • Include the following must-have sections:
    • Personal details
    • Professional summary
    • Soft skills
    • Hard skills
    • Work experience
    • Education
  • Never underestimate extra sections, and include the ones that best target your accomplishments:
    • Certifications
    • Volunteering activities
    • Conferences, awards
    • Interests
    • Other accomplishments 
  • To avoid clutter, create white space in your resume.
  • Make your resume skim-friendly by highlighting the most important information in bold.

Choose your preferred template and make your resume shine.

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2. Include only necessary personal details in your client relationship manager resume

Keep in mind to include only what is necessary. Your contact information section should feature your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Social media link (If it relates to the job you are interested in.) 

3. Write a professional client relationship manager resume profile

You are able to skillfully demonstrate that your company’s services meet clients’ expectations as no one.

Now is your time to show the recruiter that you yourself will be able to exceed the job requirements.

Write an engaging client relationship manager professional summary showcasing your expertise, ability to build strong relationships with clients and quantified achievements.

Client relationship manager professional summary example

Enthusiastic client relationship manager adept at developing and executing implementation plans and creating solid relationships with clients. Proficient in client invoicing, performance metrics analysis and conflict resolution. Established cross-media marketing, and increased sales by 12% within 3 months at Mirage Media.

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4. Use top skills in your client relationship manager resume

The most relevant skills are the ones you can find in a specific job posting. Keep in mind that your soft and hard skills that match the job requirements should be listed first.

Managing complex client requests is a core part of your job. Your effective communication and active listening skills are surely fundamental for your role, but there are many more skills you may need to employ.

The best client relationship manager soft skills for your resume

  • Effective verbal and written communication
  • Customer service
  • Active listening
  • Persuasion
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Negotiation
  • Team work
  • Organization skills 

Besides your soft skill-set, remember to highlight your hard skills relevant to the job posting. Since technology facilitates communication with clients on every level, the importance of your tech competences is unquestionable.

The best hard skills for your client relationship manager CV: 

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • SQL
  • Multi-line phone systems
  • Visio & Project
  • CRM
  • Sales Force
  • Business development
  • Logistics
  • Budgeting

5. Include relevant job descriptions in your work experience resume section

You have proven that you can present yourself in the best light and pick the finest skills. Now the most challenging part for many is to effectively describe their past job experiences.

Make sure that you list your positions reverse chronologically, and focus on the most relevant accomplishments.

Anything that does not relate to the job you are applying for is considered a space filler. Avoid these and always refer to the job posting.

Client relationship manager work experience example

Mirage Media
Client Specialist

  • Modified and executed training for leadership staff.
  • Mentored a team of 12 customer service agents on how to effectively increase sales.
  • Executed marketing strategies for new client accounts.
  • Established cross-media marketing, and increased sales by 12% within 3 months at Mirage Media. 

6. Add your academic achievements and make your education section shine

Many employees may require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in communications, business administration, marketing, or other related fields.

It is, however, not written in stone. You may still shine listing a degree that is not directly related to the area, as long as you mention relevant academic accomplishments.

Listing education on a client relationship manager resume

Valley University
BA in Applied Economics

  • Excelled in Project Formulation and Evaluation.
  • Finalist, Analytical Skills in Business Student Project Competition 2013
  • Area of Interest: Business Risk Evaluation

7. Elevate your client relationship manager resume with relevant extra sections

In the world of client management, it's not just about the numbers. It's about building strong relationships and exceeding expectations.

That's why including extra sections on your client manager resume can make all the difference. Think of these sections as your "value-add" arsenal, showcasing your diverse skill set and unique approach to nurturing client partnerships.

From showcasing your industry certifications and professional affiliations to highlighting your impressive client retention rate, these extras demonstrate that you're not just a client manager but a relationship magician.

For example, consider including a "Client Testimonials" section where you feature glowing feedback from satisfied clients, or a "CRM Proficiency" section to highlight your expertise in managing customer relationship management software.

With these additional sections, your resume will paint a vivid picture of your ability to delight clients and drive business growth.

Here's an example of how to properly list an extra section on your client relationship resume

CRM Software proficiency

  • Salesforce

    • Demonstrated expertise in Salesforce CRM, including proficiency in lead management, opportunity tracking, and reporting functionalities. Experience in customizing Salesforce to meet specific business requirements and optimizing workflow processes.

  • HubSpot

    • Extensive knowledge of HubSpot CRM, proficient in managing contacts, deals, and tasks within the platform. Skilled in leveraging HubSpot automation features for lead nurturing, email marketing campaigns, and analyzing sales performance metrics.

Published on Dec. 1, 2021
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