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BMI Group Executive Assistant Resume Example
Position Overview:

Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant manages mostly business-related tasks for the executive team, such as creating reports, logistics around travel and accommodation, taking minutes, and other tasks. Assistants also answer phones, route calls to the correct person, and take messages. They can also be tasked with preparing rooms for meetings and perform office duties like ordering stationery supplies. To fulfill these roles properly, one should have a detailed understanding of office software, be a fast problem-solver, and have some past executive or administration assistant experience.

Company Overview:
BMI Group

BMI Group belongs to the group of Standard Industries companies, which includes some of the leading manufacturers for roofing and waterproofing solutions in North America. The company has a rich history of providing clients with rooting and waterproofing excellence by bringing together the best firms in the industry. Due to a highly structured set up, the company can seem to be quite “top heavy” once you start working there. We think, however, that a great workplace atmosphere in which it is incredibly easy to find friends, have flexible working hours, and find opportunities to capitalize, can easily outweigh the structural issues workers might encounter.

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How to write your own Executive Assistant resume?

1. Start with a personal introduction

Assistants have to “click” with the person or group of people that they work for. They are, after all, these individuals’ right hand in dealing with day-to-day office work. This means that recruiters will look for people who will have no problem carrying out routine tasks, meaning they should be motivated and willing to do a job of this nature.

The way you can convey the message that you indeed are motivated and willing enough to carry out someone else’s orders, even if they are routine, is laying out a personal/work profile at the beginning of your resume. Use whole sentences to paint a concise image of you – a person who wants to work as an Executive Assistant.

Executive Assistant Profile Example

  • "I spent my time in an international environment working on projects as project leader, social media manager, and more. I have generally worked as an organizer who manages all the different interests of the organization. Moreover, I am experienced within the Danish financial industries, as I have spent years in Nykredit in an administrative role."

2. Give an indication of expected cognitive and social traits

You can imagine that this position has a few professional requirements for anyone to fulfill before they really can apply for it. You can fulfill those all you like, but it is important that “personal requirements”, like great cognitive abilities and soft skills, do not get left unmentioned.

In your resume, try to remind the reader of any of the traits that make you good at the job of being an assistant, or could make you good at it, for that matter. Other than just listing soft skills or cognitive skills, you can also add other abilities, like foreign language proficiency. It is very easy to imagine why these kinds of perks could be useful for someone hiring Executive Assistants.

Executive Assistant Cognitive Traits Example

  • "Planning Speed - 91%"

  • "Distraction – Freedom from Distraction (Speed) - 79%"

  • "Flexibility in Multitasking - 73%"

3. Put more thought into the details and fine print 

A good thing to keep in mind is that you are not applying for the position of just any assistant, but the Executive Assistant. You are trying to become the person who helps the managers at the very top of the company, which means the standards to apply are higher.
This should be accounted for in your resume.

The way you can do that is simply using more precise language when describing previous work experience, including out-of-work activities like your education background or volunteering endeavors, and finding ways by which you can make the visual aspect of the resume more appealing. We can help you with all of this.

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