Aeromobil Design Engineer Resume Example

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Aeromobil Design Engineer Resume Example
Position Overview:

Design Engineer

The primary responsibilities of Design Engineers are the research and design of a firm’s products and systems. To carry out these responsibilities, they perform many different tasks. Everything from drafting blueprints, creating prototypes, and overseeing the production process. They also carry out more logistical operations like estimating the cost of potential design and keeping it in line with the cost limits and budget of their employer. Cooperation with other engineers, management, and the creative department is also something they have to do every day. It is crucial they possess great creative thinking, as well as the ability to work with design software and multitasking while managing their time efficiently.

Company Overview:

A company from our native Slovakia, Aeromobil made waves on the interwebs a couple of years ago with their sleek concept of a flying car. Ever since they have been producing new concepts and models with the goal of eventually procuring a license to make the vehicle accessible to ordinary consumers. Working here is sure to make any engineer feel fulfilled and open doors full of opportunities for them. It is likely that as a company that is still on the rise as a “start-up” the working hours and compensation might not be as regular as in bigger firms, but we think this exciting idea is worth sacrificing a little comfort for.

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How to write your own Design Engineer resume?

1. Point out notable results of your previous work

Ani person who works with design just a little bit spends a long time, if not whole years, acquiring and creating projects for their “portfolio”. The same goes for Design Engineers, who are supposed to find efficient and elegant solutions that are of a more technical nature.

Going in the spirit of demonstrating your previous work to anyone you want to appeal to, like the person reviewing your job application, it is always the right move to include what projects you’ve worked on in the past and what exactly was your contribution to making the product more desirable or just work better. You want to emulate your value and competence.

Design Engineer Work Experience Example

Computation and Design / Knobesgines, Prague, Czech Republic (10/2013 – present)

Development of the prototype of an unconventional internal combustion engine for use in ultralight aircraft.

  • "Engine 3D model creation"

  • "Manufacture documentation creation"

  • "Engine balancing calculation"

2. Show how you explore your creativity

Coming up with new, good, innovative ideas as well as visual designs might require one to delve deep into themselves, into other pieces of art, or modes of relaxation and peace. This way a creative professional is able to focus purely on their creative process.

It is good advice to show a recruiter that you know what your creative process entails, and maybe showing its potential relevance to the field you want to work in. Listing your hobbies or free time activities you enjoy participating in can show them that you have a way of coming up with good stuff.

Design Engineer Hobbies Example

  • "Exploring distant lands, Getting lost in a good book, Capturing moments, Feeling the music, Every kind of sport"

3. Compliment the resume with something more

Coming up with solutions that push one’s business further requires a good amount of motivation on the side of the one doing the thinking. One can only truly figure out something that works when they really want to push the boundaries of their thinking and what is possible. Hence, as a Design Engineer, it is quite important that you make sure the people reading your job application do find that you have the right amount of motivation to deliver on your promise of being a good creative and technical professional. 

Including a cover letter where you describe and explain these motivations in detail is something that will surely help you in conveying that message.

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