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Statistician Cover Letter Sample (Textversion)

Yolanda Bravo

Parker Technologies, Inc.
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Application for the Position of Statistician

Dear Head of Human Resources,

As a qualified Statistician with 3 years of experience in consultancy and corporate settings, I apply with enthusiasm for this opportunity.

I am currently a Statistician at the engineering and consulting firm UV Corporation, which provides advisory services to public and private sector clients, including pharmaceuticals. Mirroring your requirements, I develop statistical procedures and assumptions based on dose reconstruction research that can be applied in multiple reconstructions, including for employees in specific jobs, performing specific tasks, employed in specific facilities/sites, and related to specific periods of employment. The procedures I work on include methods to estimate the uncertainty distributions surrounding internal and external dose reconstructions on a facility-specific and time-dependent basis.

This builds upon my experience as a Junior Statistician at Beltrix Pharmaceuticals, where I worked closely with a group of collegial, innovative, and productive epidemiology and health outcomes researchers and clinicians within vaccination research and development.

In addition to my professional experience, I hold a Bachelor of Mathematics & Statistics and am familiar with all your required programs, including RStudio, MS Office, OriginPro, and STATA.

I have enjoyed my time immensely at UV Corporation. As they are relocating their head office to London, I am now seeking a stimulating opportunity closer to home.

Please find attached my resume for your consideration. Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you regarding next steps.

Yours faithfully,

Yolanda Bravo

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