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YELP Account Executive Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Account Executive

Also known as Account Handlers, these professionals act as an important link between their firm and its clients. They try to understand their client’s goals through continuous communication with them, as well as organize their agency’s creative and administrative personnel to help produce efficient solutions for them. They then present these ideas to them, inform them about costs, solve any problem that may arise, and finally, managing the account’s budget. All of these routine tasks require that a person has excellent organizational, communication, and administrative skills. Typical starting salaries for these multitaskers are at about £13,000 to £24,000 a year. Other positions along the career path like Account Manager or Account Director can be compensated more than fourfold. 

Company Overview:

Hardly with the need for an introduction, Yelp is one of the most popular public review services in the world. Its users have contributed more than 250 million reviews of almost all types of businesses, from restaurants to mechanics. The service gives voice to consumers and bringing, as they say, ‘the words of mouth’ to the internet. Information from the reviews helps improve businesses and user experience. A company that has grown from a small startup, the energy of this workplace can be felt by every worker. Even those who are not as familiar with the tech ad space will find themselves progressing quickly, though there are some who think that it is a company that’s just good for the young to start their careers at.

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How to write your own Account Executive resume?

1. Clearly describe your work experience in a relevant area

Account execs largely have the role of a salesperson. Communicating with clients to get them on board on a project proposed by their employer, so that the employer may make money. 

The skills for all that comes with this cannot be learned immediately. They are fostered over a long period of time. Due to that, it is important that you have gathered relevant work experience in the field and describe it in your resume. The more years spent in sales-related positions the better. Try to be clear and succinct in your descriptions though, you do not want to dumb your reader down.

Account Executive Resume Work Experience Example

Brand Ambassador / (03/2018 – 07/2018) Great Falls, VA

  • "Actively involved in social media campaigning for events and farmers markets."

  • "Created content for Instagram stories revolving around nutrition and wellness information."

2. Shed some light on what you could talk about with clients

Communications skills are also something that is fostered over a period of time and activities which fill it out. Hobbies which you can engage clients with are always a good way to break the ice to make negotiations more pleasurable for all parties.

Be sure to mention any such activities somewhere in your resume. Recruiters know that these things can really make for a successful account exec or salesperson. One could also potentially make use of someone’s educative background in case a client is an alumnus of the same school as the salesperson. Nostalgia is a powerful conversation driver.

Account Executive Resume Hobbies Example

  • "Creating beautiful meals"

  • "Researching health and wellness topics"

  • "Yoga and hiking"

3. Give insights into how useful you would be in a workplace

Something missing from this particular resume sample is a mention of the applicant’s administrative and workplace toolkit. It is good to give recruiters an indication of how you can handle work that is not necessarily your main responsibility. Bookkeeping, filing documents, fluent usage of the Microsoft Office suite,... All of these are something that a good worker should have and cannot simply be implied as included in a B.S. from Accounting from seven years ago. 

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