Senior Creative Operations Manager CV Example

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Senior Creative Operations Manager CV Example
Position Overview:

Senior Creative Operations Manager

Senior Creative Operations Managers are responsible for things which do involve a certain amount of artistic or, for that matter, creative thinking. Company marketing campaigns or websites, for example, requires coming up with a graphic design. Client meetings need someone to manage the process of creating a presentation or drawing up conversation points. Logically, this kind of job really needs people who have a good grasp of visuals and what attracts human attention. Furthermore, they have to be able to put across their plans to team members who are going to be working on the final outcome clearly, so that all delays and additional costs may be avoided. 

Company Overview:
Aspen Dental Management, Inc

Aspen Dental is an American chain of dental practices across 42 of the states. It provides customers full range, state of the art dental care. With over 800 offices, in order to provide support for every dentist adequately, the company needs to have a vast network of staff who take care of this. This allows the dentists to have freedom to focus on taking care of patients while having stable income or good work-life balance. The non-dentist staff hence take care of marketing, scheduling, billing, and other more corporate-based tasks. Working at Aspen Dental is truly a collaborative experience as much as it is a fulfilling one. Even if you are not a dentist, you still contribute to the health and well-being of other people, which is one of the most noble things anyone can do.

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How to write your Senior Creative Operations Manager resume?

1. Show recruiters you are in fact a Manager-type

Any managerial task is better completed if an individual has experience which they can consult, should the need arise. Adding experience from which you could draw upon can signal recruiters that you have something to refer to when challenges may arrive. Having a manager who can quickly evaluate the situation based on their previous experiences works more efficiently and makes fewer mistakes, making anyone with relevant background on their resume an attractive pick for the job.

Senior Creative Operations Manager Work Experience Example

Senior Creative Operations Manager / Conversant, Chicago, Illinois (06/2017 – present)

  • "Manage 20+ creative requests per week and stakeholder relationships"

  • "Manage designer/developer allocation, while conducting resource planning for 2019"

  • "Redesign digital processes and documentation and scale design system"

  • "Interview Creative Ops candidates"

  • "Lead UX/design/development/stakeholder reviews"

  • "Conduct cross-team retros and change management for all identified process changes"

  • "Develop and monitor team KPIs, including project velocity and quality"

2. Point out anything outstanding about your work performance

Many people want to score a managerial position, so it is crucial that you set yourself apart from the crowd! If you can point to any projects which you’ve turned into a success in the past or were awarded some recognition/certificate that commends your ability, definitely include a section of this on your resume.

Senior Creative Operations Manager Achievements Example

  • "Implemented Workfront DAM for Creative/Marketing teams"

  • "Developed project tiers to classify types of work and assure they are accurately staffed and prioritized"

  • "Implemented the Workfront Admin Council – a cross-team collection of subject matter experts to advise on changes to the platform"

3. Demonstrate your skillset

Of course, no one can make a fatal flaw by adding a little bit to further the confidence that you are a capable office worker. Showcasing any tools or skills you have that should be in the everyday arsenal or could one day be useful may just be that final convincing aspect of your job application.

Senior Creative Operations Manager Skills Example

  • "Workfront & Workfront DAM - Excellent"

  • "Basecamp - Very Good"

  • "HubSpot - Very Good"

  • "InVision - Very Good"

  • "Box - Very Good"

  • "JIRA - Good"

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