Senior Accountant Resume Sample

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Senior Accountant Resume Sample

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What professions can use this resume example?

Assistant Accountant. Accounts Payable Clerk. Accounts Payable Officer. Accounting Manager. Accounts Administrator. Trainee Chartered Accountant.

Who is a Senior Accountant?

A professional who is responsible for the preparation of journal entries and financial statements. Someone skilled in math and statistics that can use their analytical abilities to develop and implement new financial systems. And finally, a person possessing strong attention to detail and accuracy which helps them to properly complete bank and account reconciliations, process transactions, and coordinate and manage junior-level employees. These and many other definitions briefly describe who the Senior Accountants are and what's their role in an organization. On top of that, they are also usually the ones who resolve any company's financial issues, supervise financial analysis, and provide support and assistance to other personnel. The average salary for a Senior Accountant is £45,676 in the United Kingdom and $70,691 in the United States.

What is required to become a Senior Accountant?

If you want to apply for this position, you should have at least a bachelor's degree in finance or economics and ought to possess multiple years of accounting experience, preferably in different sectors and fields. You should also be able to demonstrate leadership experience as this role usually incorporates the management of other people. Besides that, qualities like analytical mind, data-driven approach, and excellent writing and oral communication skills may be among the requirements. What's more, Senior Accountants have to be capable of using various professional accounting software programs, for example, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage Business Cloud at a proficient level.

How to write your own Senior Accountant resume?

1. Add numbers where possible

Much better than explaining all your work responsibilities and job duties in long sentences is illustrating them with specific numbers and details which will show to the hiring managers concrete results of your work. The achievements will also help you to catch the recruiters' eye and draw attention to your resume and mainly its' work experience section. Including accomplishments to your resume is also a great way to make it unique as anyone can find and read the work duties for any position on the Internet. Therefore, whatever achievements you have, make them quantifiable.

Senior Accountant Achievements Example

  • "Collaborated with colleagues on the development of new electronic online reporting system which increased effectivity and reduced costs by 24%."
  • "Awarded Employee of the Month for increasing the profitability by 15% within two years."
  • "Processed payroll for 75+ employees and worked on the improvement of all accounting procedures to increase efficiency - increased by 17%."


2. Show your career progression

The work experience section of your resume should be coherent and cohesive. What we mean by that is that it ought to make sense as a whole. Anybody can add impressive job titles to their resume and that's the main reason why it's much better to show that you got where you are through hard work and dedication. This will move your resume to the next level and significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Senior Accountant Resume Work Experience Example

Senior Accountant / DEF Co., Pittsburgh, USA

  • Reviewed detailed analyses of fixed asset general ledger accounts and depreciation expenditure on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Coordinated the end of month closing process to ensure all corporate deadlines are met and information is presented in accordance with GAAP.

Staff Accountant / GHI Co., Pittsburgh, USA

  • Performed bank reconciliations, account reconciliations between the general ledger, subsidiary ledgers and between the general ledger and financial statements.
  • Prepared monthly closing entries.

Accounting Clerk / JKL Co., Pittsburgh, USA

  • Created purchase orders and maintained necessary balance levels.
  • Cross-checked data between the physical documents and the system.


3. Balance text and white space

Your resume should not only be well-written and contain the most relevant information but should also be aesthetically pleasing and as easy to read as possible. That's why balancing the text and white space in it is so important. There is no point in fitting everything onto one page if it will make your resume look less professional, disorganized, and messy. Tools, such as professional templates and online CV builders might help you to create a perfect resume that will not only be good but also look great. The resume above is an excellent example of a well-structured and balanced piece of work.

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