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Pharmacy Business Manager CV Example
Position Overview:

Pharmacy Business Manager

A Business Manager’s primary role is supervising and leading a company’s operations and employees. This encompasses a bunch of tasks to ensure productivity and efficiency, including the implementation of business strategies and evaluation of the company’s performance. A Pharmacy Business Manager does all this, they just specialize in running pharmacies. That means they might take on some unusual responsibilities as well. Filling and checking people’s prescriptions to ensure proper procedures were followed, for example. These individuals usually hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Business or some related field, outstanding leadership abilities, great communications skills, and up-to-date knowledge of current business policies and regulations.

Company Overview:

Built on the principle of providing workforce solutions for candidates and clients from the healthcare, scientific, and IT sectors, Medix has been able to build up a strong resume in the field. Their full-service offerings allow them to cater to clients’ specific needs, providing them with seasoned professionals on a contract-to-hire and direct-hire basis. With a pronounced mission that fundamentally aims to help make lives better, workers feel like they are part of something truly important, especially with the support they get from the management. Long hours are something you may have to take into account, as it is simply tied to working in this industry.

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How to write your own Pharmacy Business manager resume?

Just follow our resume guide! Other than that, this particular resume stood out for a number of different reasons. No wonder it succeeded at Google.

Let's take a look at what can YOU take away from this resume and use it in yours.

1. List relevant professional background

For most people, managerial skills are something they have to foster over a long amount of time. And of course, recruiters want to hire a manager with a good grasp of these skills. Hence, you should somehow demonstrate that you have had the time to develop them to an adequate level.

The go-to method of conveying such a message is describing your past work experience. Be sure to have a background that was in or can be tied to management, as you are trying to convince the reader that you were focused on developing that specific skillset. Another method by which you could demonstrate managerial skill is listing your educational background or any certificates you may have gotten.

Pharmacy Business Manager Work Experience Example

Operational Manager / Elliyas Medical Store (01/2015 – present)

  • "Handling 2 Medical Representatives and 1 Surgical Business Developer. Daily Auditing their work, discussing key strategies to achieve their monthly targets. Doing both on-field training and office training on products."

  • "Bringing in new companies for distribution by negotiating with the key decision-makers of the companies."

  • "Setting up new business units in the company to increase revenue."

  • "Monitor sales and manage operational challenges of the business units and report to the Managing directors, the board of directors, and the chairman."

2. Show the outcomes of your work

Demonstrating a good grasp of what being a Business Manager is about is definitely something this resume should have. But you should also make the reader believe that apart from being able to use those skills, you can actually use them to help the firm succeed. 

Either in your descriptions of previous work experience or in a whole other section of its own, list successes or achievements that prove you were a good addition to the company. These can be personal recognitions or data that shows you made a contribution to the company’s efforts.

Pharmacy Business Manager Accomplishments Example

  • "Best Sales Performance for the year 2003 in Abbott India Ltd in Tamilnadu & Kerala Territory."

  • "Best Pharmacy Award 2006 from MOH of Oman."

  • "Introduced Electronic patient filing system and control drug system in SQUH Pharmacy in 2007."

  • "Best Sales Performance and highest Incentive earner for 2012-2013 in Novartis Pharma."

3. Reflect managerial capability

It is crucial, that at every point of your resume, you are more and more convincing as a manager. It is important that every section, every piece of information, and the language you use convey the communication and organizational skills that a manager should have.  Possibly list even more personal aspects of your life that can be proof of good managerial potential.

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