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Customer Support Specialist Resume Example
Position Overview:

Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialists are people who are knowledgeable regarding the products or services that their firm is trying to sell to the public. They possess good soft skills, and very importantly, patience. Ideally, they do not get irritated and do not take across any negativity if they feel some. Communication skills come as pretty much as a given, concerning customer support. These workers have to know what kind of language to use to get their point across to ordinary people who may not understand much about the business they are signing on to.

Company Overview:
Planet Romeo

Over the past couple of years, online dating has become the most common way people meet their romantic partners. One could say that the market is getting over-saturated with dating apps, but that does not seem to be the case. There are many different “dating types”, hence many different apps, and Planet Romeo is one of them. One of its most highly regarded features is that it allows users to make and pick from very detailed and descriptive profiles, so that you know who you’re meeting. To stay relevant is still a pretty demanding job, which means that the company has to keep working to keep its users by introducing new features and leading effective marketing campaigns. You are very likely to come across those aspects, if you work here.

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How to write your Customer Support Specialist resume?

1. Provide a brief introduction at the beginning

If you have a particularly extensive resume, it is always good to narrow it down for people who are recruiting at the beginning, so that they know what to look for. Listing some of your basic personal and professional traits at the beginning of your resume is, therefore, something you should not forget about.

Customer Support Specialist Strengths Example

  • "Reliable, focused, educated and experienced team player"

  • "Versed in multiple disciplines"

  • "Open minded and self-confident"

  • "Passionate in satisfying customers and motivating teams"

2. Give any accounts in which you were tasked with fulfilling similar responsibilities

To prove you indeed have the skills and traits that a Customer Support person should have, it is good to show that you’ve done activities or work which required you to perform tasks of a similar nature. Furthermore, it is important to show that you were able to do them for a long time to show you did not get irritated by the work and that you actually enjoy it.

Sales Assistant / Gut Clarenhof (12/2017 – 12/2019)

  • "Assisted shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for."

  • "Worked within established guidelines, particularly with brands."

  • "Answered queries from customers and resolved problems if any."

  • "Effectively communicated with clients via telephone, face-to-face, and written communication."

  • "Professionally and effectively employed sales skills to achieve targeted sales."

  • "Actively involved in stock control and management."

3. Point out any other potentially relevant skills and abilities

Anything that can further add to our value as a person whose work will involve interacting with different people should definitely be on your resume. This is especially the case if the company is present in multiple countries. Then, if you know multiple languages, highlight it!


  • "German - Native"

  • "English - Professional"

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